Portion Ru Ay - Oiy vey - Dont Mess with G-d or the Holi-day!

Portion Ru Ay - Oiy vey - Dont Mess with G-d or the Holi-day!

As Moshe continues his 40 year review,
He warns the nation of Israel to

Stay away from False Prophets
Like the
Putin? china?
Pelosi and her drunk-driver husband?
former governor Cuomo?
Atomic wanna-bees? Who are they kidding?

Greed and jealousy ruin lives - and The World

so the portion starts "take a good look"

and our sages say - it could be simply intellectual
LOOK AT YOURSELVES - and get ready for the Highest Holidays
coming up in 30 days!!!

So we are told to leave a gentle "footprint"
On the Earth,
with our
Kosher laws that restrain some exceses

And the portion gives us a
Holiday calendar review - TO REMIND US TO BRING JOY TO OTHERS

(I just gave 200 shekels to a family with 4 kids who couldn't
afford shoes for the school year starting next week
nobody I know - just saw the trunk of a neighbor I trust
and it was filled with food - so I asked "for who?"

so anyone who wants to donate $10 or so to them -
or the families of the 3 fellows who were "hacked" by axe -
can get me the money when I get to New York in 3 weeks


Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz