Portion Tzav and the Golden Monkey

Portion Tzav and the Golden Monkey
It's actually very hard to deal with so much this week -
cleaning and preparations for Passover ... 
so let's celebrate the ceremony of appointing the Priestly Family in the desert temple -
and remember the gold donations for building that "Mishkan" were to repent and remind-
about the Golden Calf sin (and so in our THIRD STORY IN PASSOVER PREPARATION)
We know the ceremony included
a smear of Blood and Oil on the big toe and thumb and ear of the annointed Priest-
Go in a righteous path
to Do the righteous things AND
not to be listening to those who would turn them aside from our path and our faith.
So this Rich Gentile Man has a pet Monkey he loves,
and a Jewish manager who he doesn't,
even though he does good work.
And he won't work on the Sabbath -
so he gets fired!
Rich Man Liked to count his golden profits - and have his pet monkey watch
So one day the replacement for the Jew knocks on the door during the counting and says -
The Jew wants his job back - or any job - so let's make him squirm a bit-
and get him back for half what he made before.
Nasty tricky replacement guy also tells the boss about how to squeeze other workers,
and the boss totally forgets about his gold for a while.
Later that night he remembers - and goes back to the counting room -
and is in shock!
The monkey is still there - but DEAD!
He's destraught and goes running out of the house.
Replacement guy doesn't want the boss to feel so bad - so he gets rid of the monkey.
Hey, he thinks - I'll throw it into the Jew's house and make a mess -
and then tell the boss the Jew killed his monkey to stuff it!
And he takes and tosses it into the Jew's window.
Next week replacement guy says - lets soo how cheap we can get the Jew back to work for us.
Lets go over to  see him now. And they do - 
But the Jew and his family are all celebrating Passover with silver goblets and beautifully-set table.
Where did you get the money for all this asked the replacement?
The boss said - yeah -I fired you!
And the Jew says -
The Almighty takes care of honest people!
I found a dead monkey here and gold pieces were coming out of his mouth - and we have all we need!
May we all find what we need
And use it to enjoy our Judaism and Jewish holidays
And the gift of the Shabbos
Shabbat Shalom - and a Happy and Healthy Passover
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz