Parashat Hashavua

Portion Korach - did he Know his Left from his Right?

Portion Korach - did he Know his Left from his Right? 
The Kabalah uses the Torah sentences to implant DEEP MEANING into ALL of G-d's CREATION
The Talmud uses the same Torah sentences to implant WISE Daily Ritual into ALL of G-d's CREATION
The Medrash uses the same Torah sentences to create a Sweet AWARENESS of G-d's Torah Wisdom
all there are from about 2000 years ago - after 1000 years of Solomonic Wisdom and Davidic Spirituality,
ALL WRITTEN DOWN FOR US - and those who try to defame the simple truth above-
by "making up THEORIES" are basing their theories on on ego or need to deceive in order to further their on ambitions or economics
(like those who constantly claim to see UFO's - not starts - or the Loch Sea monsters - not fish ...)
so this week in Israel (where I started the week) is Portion Korach 
and here in New York (where I am now) is the Portion of Shelach
Both talking about COMPLAINING and using falsehoods - with
implications for many many years of troubles for Israel - and for the world.
Zohar has an interesting insight on Korach - the guy who wanted to replace Moshe and/or Aron
He was a Levite who wanted to be High Priest!
But in the "Zohar on Korach" it explains the strengths of:
Kohain vs Levi.
Not everyone has the "strength of the right"
But the world needs also the the strength of the left...
(kabbalistic concepts of "mercifulness " versus "powerful support of G-dliness")
In synchrony they work -
But with Korach's complaints he confused the
strength of those,
with others' strengths-
- and his Ego charged the Israelite Camp with dissent -
And the earth "swallowed up the rebels"! 
Because the earth follows the Laws of the Almighty!
Reb Elimelech on this Portion explains the mission that says
 ... b nakom sh ayn ish - hishtadel ...
If no one stands up to be a person -
in that instance- 
 ... it means the WORLD and G-d  need you!
It's the same problem of Portion Shelach ... 
"anashim Roshei..."
The 12 Leaders All wanted to be leaders of the people,
to take away Moses' G-dliness from the Israelite Camp -
They just Didnt want to be Mentshen - People that Stand with G-d!
So look at what some people do to pervert the truth
On the News " Iranian TV fabricates 
occer legend Cristiano Ronaldo declaring his hatred of Israeli “assassins.” (Pure lies and Photoshop)

By The Algemeiner


Iran’s state TV has falsely "quoted" Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo as saying that he dislikes Israeli soccer fans and calls them “assassins.”

In a report that aired on June 15, Iranian state television showed a video clip of the Manchester United striker speaking, falsely translating him as saying: 
“Israeli football fans, for me, are the most hated. I cannot tolerate them. I won’t exchange my shirts with assassins.”
However, Ronaldo never made those remarks, news outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported on Monday. 
Iran’s official broadcaster used footage from a 2016 video 
that Ronaldo recorded for Save The Children, the London-based humanitarian organization, 
Radio Free Europe reported. 
In the original English-language video, Ronaldo drew attention to the struggle Syrian children faced during that country’s brutal civil war.
The TORAH portrays the TRUTH
while Depraved Tyrants prefer PROPAGANDA and LIES.
We Jews must stand for:
which shall prevail - we just need to teach the world to prioritize that!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Shlach but the Spies didnt hit the Beaches!

Portion Shlach but the Spies didnt hit the Beaches!

Moshe sent the spies to "check out the land".

Go to the South he said. Check out the grapes. Dry wine or sweet?

Why didn't Moses tell our people there would be NATURAL GAS off the coast?

Funny, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe did 50 years ago!

WHAT ABOUT fishing rights?
The people complained that fish were "free" in Egypt (as if really...).

There was no Canaanite sea trade the Israelites could deal with (nothing I know was ever discovered).

My theory is that the Phoenicians from Greece and the Syrian Hittites dumped people they didnt like - criminals and abusers -into Canaan,

Like Egypt did 100 years ago - dump CRIMINALS into Gaza!

Ancient Egypt did sea patrols - but did they do commerce besides fishing the Nile? I don't know of any.

Greeks and Romans did commerce ...while conquering and destroying - and the Iraqis and Chinese ... silk trades...etc?

Africa - not likely they did sea trade ... maybe a little with Arabs -
so the spies were sent to see if the agriculture would support the Israelites.

So why were only 2 of the 12 spies smart? Why did 10 fear leaving the Sinai for the land of Israel?

Combining ideas and bringing innovation is a Jewish thing...

Was there ever a Scottish navy? Or a Pakistani people (just tribes like in Afghanistan)? (And why did Bangla Desh split off from them, anyway?)

America was founded on individuals trying to get by.

Israel was founded because one of 2 reasons
1 The Almighty loved our ancestors
2 the worl needs a place where holiness can reach out to the world
and get the world off the vicious cycle

Fake Socialism
False gods

How many nations just want to develop and help others like Israeli doctors volunteering in Africa whom I have met?

And bring Shabbos to the world!

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion BehHahAhLoatCha. Not What you Complain about to your Attorney?

Portion BehHahAhLoatCha. Not What you Complain about to your Attorney?
In the portion (in Israel) we read about the Almighty's bounty feeding the Israelites in the desert with Manna-
Some light healthy fruit blown in by the wind.
So I heard an interesting talk on the radio here about why the Israelites complained and demanded food they were used to.
WHAT? Manna From Heaven was not what they or you expected? You Wanted Meat? And - 
Really now, also .. Onions and watermelon that don't always work well together ?
So they got meat, and gluttonized - and got sick...
The radio talk spoke to WHAT They were missing in their lives - not about the Manna! And they were WORRIED!
They just couldn't express it to Moses - and didn't try to deal with feelings by "Talking to G-d" (and
that's the name of a movie maybe we can order and show in Staten Island ...)
So at my lawyer's office this week - the said "Do you know the Answer to Everything"?
What's that, I asked.
Are you Worried about an issue fromToday or tomorrow?
If it's for tomorrow -Why worry?
If it's for today - deal with it.
Have you Got a plan? - no need to worry!
Have you Got no plan? - what do you have to worry for?
So about my latest lawsuit against guys I have to sue over and over to get back cash each time because they keep moving things from one court to another (but I AM NOT WORRIED)
And here  an hour LATER - i GO FOR MY every 6 month blood test
Where The nurse asks me why am I in Petach Tikva, and I answer - to meet with my Lawyer
Why? Because we are Sueing some crooks. 
Who are they ?
And I mention the name of the company and she says"
My husband too! Sueing the same company! (about their project having construction problems like mine).
So if EVERYBODY is going after the right group - WHY WORRY?
Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Shabbat and Shavuot

 Shabbat and Shavuot Women...Ruth, Yevamot, Naso and Sotah Jealousy
First of all - A Happy and Healthy (despite the cheesecake theme) ShaVooOat Holiday!
(And leftover Memorial Day USA)
And remember - it's all about:
Women Women Women Women!
G-d Bless our Jewish Women!
We are instructed that Reading the 
Book of Ruth is IMPORTANT!
As much as the Torah Portion?
What did Ruth ever do for us, Anyway?
Well, the ToraH could be viewed as "a spider web" ... growing, to try (like Spiderman?)
To save the world from itself!
Was the web started at Sinai?
We read the Ten Commandments on Sunday.
Or only when the Israelites entered Israel, in
the time period of Judges - and of Ruth?
The portion of Bamidbar read in the diaspora does not mention women
  it deals with
Defending the camp (families) in the desert
Starting this week - Portio Naso read
In Israel-
Deals with family issues like
Couples and jealousy
The Talmud anecdotally talks about 
 couples in trouble, talking about court,
But requiring them to go to the Temple
In Jerusalem,
Those on ths way to the court might
Decide to enjoy the physical benefits of Israel
 and Reconcile!
So Ruth and her sister OrpA 
Separately deal with
MotherInLaw issues
And eventually both
have boys
Orpa's son is called Goliath (yes, that guy)
While Ruth's son is called you guessed it
DAVID the King of Israel.
Whats the difference?
Sometimes it's up to us
Enjoy Shabbat and ShavuOat - the Gifts of G-d
Shabbat Shalom 
Chag Samayach
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Bamidbar ... these numbers don't lie

Portion Bamidbar ... these numbers don't lie
So this Shabbat we read Torah Portions
Bechukotai in the Diaspora
and Bamidbar in Israel
Murders in Texas have a "Bchukotai" ring to them ...
Liars on CNN - lead us to need a BAMIDBAR - desert protection formation!
CNN quoting an Arab politician claimed Israeli soldiers killed a journalist -
But this is totally not fact-based -
It is used to inflame anti-semitism and Israel hatred -
to help Arabs steal more and more of Israel. while politicians debate -
CNN'd claim disputs 3000 years of history-
So let's take a look at the Bamidbar story:
Moses and our Leaders in the desert
Are Counting "the troops",
and organizing lines of defense in the desert
- and lines of command...
Similar to the Israel Defense Force (IDF) today - our Army -
whose purpose and functioning is to DEFEND Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike!
Someone in Shul suggested the Bamidbar Counting is to show
Individual Responsibily ... and for the Torah and the Almighty - everyone "counts" -
But remember - the People of Israel get promises "to the People" -
and while individuals all count -
The Torah Binds Us Together
To teach the WORLD that G-d's purpose is for us to LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER
Blessings of Love Frendship Sharing and Health
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Beh Choo Koa Tai in Israel - Blessing or Curse

Portion Beh Choo Koa Tai in Israel - Blessing or Curse
It's Lag B'Omer in Israel -  today Thursday And
instead of  250,000 visitors in Rebbe Shimon's (Meron ) tomb - only 16000 at one time are allowed - switching every 4 hours, 
because of the tragedy last year when many people were crushed.
It was necessary ... and enforced by the police.
So today reminds me of visiting there with my friend Rabbi Itzik (so long ago)... 
and he was mostly in a wheelchair, and I pushed him up the hill (BIG HILL)
To pray at the tomb, 
Of the Rebbe Shimon of the Kabala (Zohar).
So how does hardship or tragedy or disability play a role in our lives?
It depends how we choose-
So why do people complain individually about "the world" ?
 G-d's promises are always to the Whole People of Israel-
not to Harry
Not to Gwen!
For lots of reasons Harry and Gwen should pray to the Almighty - it's positive to the soul.
but BLAME - it's always a negative to the spirit -
Life is a cycle - sometimes up sometimes down - no matter what the Portion teaches us.
I often took a subway and went to visit him . He was a very upbeat person.
He loved his grandchildren.
He helped many people and holocaust survivors - even without having much money -
Collecting charity from the rich and delivering food to poor families
( a few times I helped him Thursday night leave packages outside poor peoples' homes).
I am thinking of dovening at the kotel now 
- the Western Wall tonight, and to say kaddish there - for friends,
For family,
For the victims of last year,
the victimes of Putin's war... and
For all those victims of the ancient tragedies foretold in the Torah Portion this week!
But also for the living - because Kaddish is a prayer of Hope and Renewal
 for a better, holier world.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion COUNTING COUNTS (Behar in Israel/Emor in the vast diaspora)

 Portion COUNTING COUNTS (Behar in Israel/Emor in the vast diaspora)
So are we really far apart? In time - in space - in our hearts?
First - get a Mitzva by simply reciting "today is the 27th day of counting the omer"
and tonight after dark say 
 "today is the 28th day of counting the omer"
(it's good to recite and add a day until Shavu-Oat - early June - would be the 50th day) 
Emor (read last week in Israel) includes the Mitzva of Counting 7 Weeks (49 days)
from Passover to Sha-Vu-Oat
Behar (reading tomorrow in synagogues all over Israel) - includes the Mitzva of counting 7 year cycles 7 times (totalling 49 YEARS) - until the 50th year - Yovel / Jubilee
For me I know that's true!
Is that enough?
There's LOTS in both portions - like
what's incribed on the LIBERTY BELL in Philadelphia
Even a review of ALL the holidays (so we don't forget...?)
But I will just add one piece of NEW HISTORY
Many Arab leaders (forget about Putin today) spread lies about Israel
(and some "Jewish Leftists" -  like pro-Russian leftists in the world
also feel a need to keep pushing lies against Israel)
Let's just start with what I just wrote: 
what's incribed on the LIBERTY BELL in Philadelphia?
"Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land"
that is scary to dictators and their thugs
Who gave the world a day off every week? -
See the "review of ALL the holidays (so we don't forget...?)"
including the Sabbaths!
That is scary to workaholic bosses - and tyrants all over
Are they JEALOUS to the Point of Hatred?
Or just want to STEAL our little land and Kill all the Jews -
who built up in 100 years a desert that lay WASTE  
since the Roman Destruction 2000 years ago? - 
the only people that really has no interest in controlling the world?
Stealing Lies and Hatred are non-Jewish
Anti-Jews rely on all those things
Enjoy and be proud of being (counted) Jewish
Lag B'Omer Samayach (happy 33rd counting day next week!)

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Emor in Israel - Big Things are Happening

 Portion Emor in Israel - Big Things are Happening
Israel Independence, Holocaust Rememberance Day, and Putin makes new threats, and is it all connected?
In the Torah portion Emor-which is read on Shabbat - it
 continues with Jewish Rules of Holiness from last week - 
which are read this week -In The Diaspora -outside of Israel
Whats that got to do with a story about a boy built from diamonds -
 written by Rebbe Nachman of Breslav 200 years ago?
In short thrre are rules about men women and marriages in both portions
And in the story there is a very smart but jealous sister who gets a magician to curse the Diamond boy (son of the King), and in short...
The sister in cahoots with the devil
 is found out by the Holy Man,
 who figures iut how to end the curse, thank G-d
One theme is that a kind Queen is better than a Jealous princess ...
Is putin jealous of Zelinsky? Or of Israel -
or of Stalin?
On Israel Independence Day today:
Celbrations last night were fireworks, and 
Today BarBques are customary ....
So the portion gives some rules of behavior -
and tries to get us towards more family values
 Like positive occasions
Attached please see a short clip from the celebration at 
The Old Railway Statio  in Jerusalem last night
So don't fall for the lies about Israel and Judaism
Just celebrate the miracles we are living through!
Yom HaAtzMaUt Samayach (happy Israel Independence Day)
Shabbat Shabbat
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Kedoshim (Part 2 with Holocaust and the Bus Drivers) Kedoshim (HOLY PEOPLE) in Israel

 Portion Kedoshim (Part 2 with Holocaust and the Bus Drivers) Kedoshim (HOLY PEOPLE) in Israel
Remember : In Israel Passover ended Friday
But OUTSIDE ISRAEL Passover continued Saturday until nuightfall
So this week I  present THE SECOND HALF  of AchrayMoess -( related to the End of Kedoshim)
Which we also read on Yom Kippur afternoon (SO It must be Super Important if we read it then)
But first - today is Holocausr Remembrance day in Israel (So next week is Independence Day here)
Sadly 15000 holocaust survivors died last year! Last Night on the radio 6 people told their stories
One each from Hungary Holland and Libya etc ...
And I heard this from a Frenchman elder survivor in the Great Synagogue Senior Learning Center
The Holy Bus Driver...? The French guy speaks Arabic and asked an Arab bus driver why he looked so angry
He said "I work 12 hours a day and just got my paycheck for only 19000 shekels (about $6000)
So - my French friend asked him "How much would you make in Syria" - and the driver laughed-
You are right - my brother drives a bus in Damascus and makes $1000 a month for working harder and 7 days a week
So - my French friend asked him "why are all the drivers for this company Arabs?
The driver laughed again and said- the company is owned by a Saudi Arabian Sheikh!
Holocaust Rememberance means NOTHING to most of the world - not even the laughing bus driver.
Remember - he works for Saudi Arabia!
How soon the world has kearned to ignore the holocaust as well as the History of the Torah!
Where is the sense - in Putin and the Iranians and North Korea?
Did they lose their senses or just gave into animal acts?
G-d created us with senses - and some  "horse sense"
But when it gets lost - the "devil" comes out.
Remember - the word Devil is "Do Evil" - in so many ways!
So the portion adds a level of punishment to last week's warnings about losing humanity in the rush for ego excitement.
Wake  Up World!
Too many tragedies await if we forget how we got here!
Shabbat Shalom from pIsrael
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Passover Shabat - the FOUR Questions

Portion Passover Shabat - the FOUR Questions
Try this : 
What scent do you like? Roses? Or Spices? Bakery smells or BarBQ?
In Jerusalem the special Temple Incense permeated the Temple Mount
Hundreds of musicians and choralists of the Temple Levites 
performed songs composed by King David himself - in praise of
The Almighty saving us from Egyptian Slavery (thereby giving hope to the world)
Thousands of Holiday Visitors sat in groups 
Each with a sheep or goat for the Priests to prepare for the group to take home for the BarBQ at their Matza Seder
Portion Passover  - TODAYS QUESTIONS
When did Moses stop stuttering? At the
Burning Bush he was embarassed by it!
Maybe When he Sang at the Sea crossing!
Which proved G-d's true words?
Why didnt Pharoah let ANY of us out - to save the 10 HEADACHES  (plagues) he got
Maybe Gangsters
love blood, like frogs, and didn't suffer personally
 from ALL those 10 problems
Why do some Jews burn Chomets and
On Rosh Hashono throw bread in a river?
Maybe to tell THE WORLD 
(Hoping the world will realize that
Jews for all History have shared -
Depite the lies that keep getting spread)
Why dont ALL JEWS read the Hagaddah 
TONIGHT at their "Seder"?
Could it be that
Some like to eat more than to 
experience freedom 
or imagine the taste of thèir Matzas 
Of Freedom from Pharoan - ic Tyranny?
(Is that Like staying in Ukraine???)
Who wrote the Hagaddah anyway?
Maybe Elijah the Prophet, OR
Maybe Moses? Maybe King David or King Solomon
As one wonderful Rabbi Weinreb Wrote
Tonight should be a Seder of
Imagination and Empathy
The 4 questions beg the situation of American Jews.
When will we get our voice
 - get our act together?
Or will American Judaism be merged with every cute gentile who is intrested in 
" a less boring culture" than theirs?
When will the short sighted "leaders" of the world stop hurting their people 
Using lies to cover up their greed and thirst for control
Why do Jews bore themselves daily,
 instead of studyind some Torah Genius for  an hour a week for INSPIRATION AND WAKING UP THE HOLY SENSES we have
Could you tell the story of 3000 years 
Of Israelite History
if your grandchildren asked you?
Or co workers or friends?
Even with a little help from Elijah?
And Pesach Sheni - 
Is coming in a month- so
come for an hour or two...
Love and Shabbos and Passover Joy
From Jerusalem
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz