Parashat Hashavua

Portion Tazria- with Rav Shlomo Carlebach Comment on Women

Portion Tazria- with Rav Shlomo Carlebach Comment on Women
Laws pertaining to childbirth are featured in this Portion.
Now for the NEWS:
This week, Lily Ebert, a 100-year-old Auschwitz survivor, became a great-great-grandma.
_"I never  expected to survive the Holocaust.
 Now I have five beautiful generations. The Nazis did not win!"_
From near-death at Auschwitz to five generations of Jewish life. - 
Is that what you can call-
Jewish Woman Power?
Cleaning for Passover. (ERNIE joke?)
Woman: it's almost Passover
Guy: It's not until next week!
Also Rabbi Neria commenting on the difference between
Men and Women - in the creation story:
The word used by Hashem for Creating Man is :
Va yotzer - a Creative Act
The word in the story about Creating Eve is the root
And so the Talmud explains 
Creativity creates man
But Wisdom to build a home and family is the
 functionality of the woman 
Reb Shlomo Carlebach
On Parsha Tazria 
I want to share this with you on the deepest depths.
When a woman gives birth to a child ...
Everyone says, a woman when she gives birth to a baby, it's the highest experience in the world.
 The most G-d like thing in the world is to bring a baby into the world. 
 Something else.
Now listen to this, this is the deepest depths.
 The truth is, in the creation of the baby there are three partners, G-d the Father & the Mother. 
In the birth itself there are only two partners, the mother & G-d. 
Gevalt is that awesome.
Everybody is asking why is it that Yiddishkeit depends on the mother?
Because as much as the father is a partner in creating the baby, 
mamash in giving birth it is only the mother & G-d. 
So this is why the Jewishness of the baby depends on the mother.
I want to share something awesome with you. The truth is, there is nothing more close between two souls than a mother and her baby for nine months.
You can be very close to a human being but you can never be that close.
You see what it is? You can be very close but I am doing my breathing and you are doing your own breathing. I eat my food, you eat your food.
 Can you imagine for 9 months I am so close to a little soul? They are mamash the same breath,the same food,the same everything.
 And you know friends, A father can give over to a baby what to do, what to eat - it's all cute and sweet. 
It doesn't compare to the teaching the mother gives over to the baby at the moment when the baby is born. 

So in the craziest deepest way, whenever a Jewish baby is born, at that very instant, 
since the mother is ready to be impure for the baby, the baby is learning from the mother to have Mesirus Nefesh (self-sacrifice-selflessness) for G-d.
 It's unbelievable, the deepest depths of the Torah of Mashiach
Let it be now! 
Good Shabbos!
PS Rabbi Carlebach was very close with his Mom (of blessed memory, whom I knew)
And also with his two daughters.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz 


Portion Shemini on Fire and Fire and Fire

 Portion Shemini on Fire and Fire and Fire
The picture below was taken across from the school I walk my youngest daughter to 
Cute rabbit, chicken, and a peacock that walk outside our zoo most mornings while I use the outdoor training machines.
"Friendly" fire?
This morning the army spokesperson explained about the night time convoy where aid workers were killed a few days ago in Gaza. It was a case of work not coordinated with our troops at night in the middle of a war zone. 
He apologized.
But please make it clear: 
we are still in the middle of a war to end bombings of our civilians by Hamas, who were voted into office by Gaza civilians,
 who follow and approve their plans.
On the bus from Jerusalem Wednesday  night I was chatting Torah - concepts ( thank  you Tzvi and Yehoshua } -
I asked one 20 year old yeshiva Bucher what he thought about Maris ayin -
evoking an accusatory response when people question others' actions - and intentions?
He thought that "whatever everybody knows" is not MarisAyin. But how do you gage intent?
Am I being bad if I don't say hi to everyone on the long bus ride home?
Another thing that came up was about neutering cats. Is that suspect - in a country where the cat population doubles with increases of garbage?
I think the intent - Kavanah today (your own cat) - is not to confuse G-d's "concept of creation" - any more than the concept of having a PET is!
If you need to have a pet you need to consider the ramifications of a pet running wild in a developed city! Pets were not a regular occurance a thousand years ago!
One day at  Mincha this week I studied Zohar - KABALA . The author of Zohar asked
Why does Hashem get Nachas from burnt sacrifices -  korbanot (as per the Portion)?
And this Portion speaks how the 2 elder sons of Aron did not survive the inauguration of the Temple in the Sinai desert!
The Torah says they were consumed by the strange fire. They lit the incense with strange fire.
Moshe tells Aron "Bikrovai Ekadesh" that the tragedy was hinted at by the Almighty. 
But where is the justice? Just ...
They made some mistakes ?
How many kinds of FIRE are there.
Ben , a neighbor, pointed out from the Talmud (Masechet Menachot ) : Tosefot (comments):
The Angel Michael -  G-ds general minister -
Offers daily "in the temple in heaven - souls
Nishmot - of holy tzadikim (like Aron's sons?)
Or maybe like Behemot-animal sacrifices?
Rabi Elimelech explains on our portion 
... thats how to defeat our enemies! What's that?
The Holy tzadik lowers his seĺf concept - non  Ego - To consider himself no better than like "behayma" - basically no higher than an animal -
And still to pray,  and be merciful , and connect to a G-dliness design of our world!
Which is the "Jewish fire" way to defeat the 
Inhumane lifestyle of Israel's enemies!
May we succeed soon!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Remember - Zachor portion

Remember - Jews don't throw rocks (in general)
this is the Portion Zachor - to remember (especially the Evil of Amalekites) 
Israelis also NEVER target children - going back to thew ars of King Saul
(except for the disagreement between Rabbis 
in Talmud - Yevamot 22b and commentators
who ask "did king saul kill amalekite children in that war 3000 years ago?"
and the end of the discussion is:
don't try to be more "merciful" than G-d - who makes the rules)
(I saw the video - my friend's son is in that anti terror unit - Duvdevan - meaning "cherry" - that
"captured" the director's office!)
and in Judea and Samaria -On Thursday, March 21, 2024, 9:35:06 PM EDT, 
"The IDF on Thursday concluded a 12-hour brigade-level operation in the Nur a-Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm, resulting in the death of four terrorists, the arrest of three suspects 
and the discovery of explosives beneath roads
So "what'snews Andy" as my holy neighbor Fraidy - who survived the holocaust - used to ask!
News from Israel Wednesday
A kid's after-school parade in the old city of jerusalem - 
where some of whose JEWISH BUILT walls are from 2600 years ago -
was disrupted when someone on a rooftop threw a rock that hit the head of a 5 year old
Another news item today - the man who masterminded" the kidnap and murder of 3 Jewish teens (one was a neighbor of mine - whose grandfather I knew 40 years ago)
was captured in Shifa Hospital in Gaza!
According to the torah - there is no penance for murder 
Why is it a must that we celebrate Purim?
The miracle of Purim is that not one Jew was killed or even hurt. 
Thank Hashem. 
Even though They wanted to Kill every Jew, 
and because no one at all was even hurt, we celebrate like crazy..
May Hashem protect all Israel
Shabbat Shalom
Good Purim
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion Vayakhel - and proportion - everything in proportion - really? Except serving God's purpose!

Portion  Vayakhel and proportion - everything in proportion - really? Except serving God's purpose!
From Rabbi Carlebach:
(Explained a bit by AE)
Many people worked on balding our beautiful Tabernacle in the desert.
When Moshe put the Mishkan together - it all fit together perfectly.
How was it possible?
Now I want you to open your hearts in the deepest way.
Everyone (individually) has something very sacred, but it is covered. It is hidden.
 R. Noson teaches that when it comes to the building of the Mishkan, each YIdel brought this one point - a good point - that he had. 
Moshe Rabbnu had all the  good points - and built the Mishkan with it.
So you see, the tabernacle is built from these little dots, these little things.
So here comes the story.
 Rabbi Elimelech dreamed that the Third Temple was being built, and saw millions of people running around like crazy. So he stopped one of his angels and said, "You are wasting so much time. If you had less people then you would not fall on each other and finish the work faster." 
So the angel looked at him and said: "You do not understand Rabbi Elimelech , God wants everyone to participate in the rebuilding of the Temple.
May we all be privileged to take part in the rebuilding of the Temple, and may it be now!
Shabbat Shalom!
Shlomo (Rabbi Carlibach)
And (AE) to add my daily experience///....
So this lovely mixed couple (Ashkenazi Sepharadi) <img class="an1" draggable="false" src="" alt="

Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?

Portion Key TeaSaw : the Portion warned us WATCH: IDF finding weapons hidden in UNRWA bags?
Rabbi Carlebach from S Wax, and some news not everyone sees
“If we walk together little children
We don't ever have to worry
Through this world of trouble
We gotta love one another”
From Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach on Parsha Ki Sisa:
Exodus 32:32 (Moses to the Almighty: “Yet now, if You would but forgive their sin--; and if not, erase me now I pray Thee, out of Thy book which you have written
I want you to know something so special. 
Why did the angel come to tell Avraham that S’dom, will be destroyed
and at the same time he tells him you will have a son Yitzchak? 
Because this was the whole thing. G-d says “I cannot trust you with Jewish children unless you believe
that the Torah is stronger than the whole world.”
I can teach my children that the only way to be a Jew is to keep away from the world, 
because G-d forbid if you get involved with the world - you can't turn back.” 
Or I can teach my child that Gevalt, the Torah is so holy, the Torah can change the whole world,
 I have dynamite in my pockets.” 
After the Golden Calf, G-d says to Moshe, “I have to wipe out the Yidden because they are worshipping idols.”
 Moshe Rabbeinu says, “What kind of a Torah did you give me? Did you give me a Torah that can't change idol worshipers?” 
You mean to say that the Torah is only good for someone who does good his whole life? You make a mistake and you are out? It's not a Torah I'm interested in .... Please give me a Torah which can take a Yid who is worshipping idols and can still change.” 
I don't want to say anything bad - what's a little bit wrong with our Yidden? They ...  don't believe that one
 awesome Shabbos can change him. They don't believe that one Torah of the Heilige Ishebitzer can turn over his kishkes.
The Kuzimer says something out of this world. 
When Moshe Rabbeinu broke the tablets, what was he really saying? “Master of the World ..., do you want me to be the only ... - righteous person? I refuse. I want to be together with all the Yidden. If they do wrong, I want to be with them to hopefully show them what's right.
Imagine if all of us would learn this Torah, how much we would all love each other.
Good Shabbos! From Rabbi Carlebach
Yes, friends - in many generations the Jewish People have influenced the world for the better.
This week - In  Portion Key TeeSeeSaw however warned us: SO
 WATCH: the IDF finds weapons hidden in UNRWA bags!
See the below video on JustWhy we need to keep Israel free of some's pretty clear . 
Just watch this video. 
Maybe the radicals in the world paid for by crazies like the Soros family want to destroy any chance of 
a world free from crime rampages and destructions.
Rabbi Carlebach teaches hope! Which CAN WORK  but...
This week's Portion KEY teaSaw - shows that even after
building the "Mishkan (the temple we built in the desert" -)
The Torah goes BACK TO THE GOLDEN CALF STORY of Rampage and Wilding which is
maybe to remind us that those things happen - from the primitive part of  humanity ...
and that we must beware of those tendencies !
But then in the end of the portion there are a few rules we all can follow
To stabilize society - like the Shalosh Regalim (the strong three-legged Jewish HolyDay themes) 
the Mitzva of going 3 times  a year to celebrate our Holidays in Jerusalem !
Shabbat Shalom 
Raɓbi Andy Eichenholz 

Portion Teruma - Who planned G-d's House - and My House

Portion Teruma - Who planned G-d's House - and My House
And Why did it rain on Rav (Rabbi) Levinger tonight (Thursday night in Israel)?
Was it - So he could tell me how this portion fits in with the progression of stories Exodus from Egypt?
He said - when the Almighty ordered a "New House" - The Sanctuary in the desert -
he wanted to teach the former israelite slaves to also get ready for PERMANENT HOMES in Israel
So the Portion begins with the Almighty saying take donations to "build me a sanctuary"
and then provides detailed specs!
Some of the complex details are explained by Rashi (12th century) - based on discussions in the Talmud .
Basically - everyone contributed and did work on building, weaving the curtains, and creating the implements for use for the next 40+390+40 years!
Today is also the Yahrzeit of Moshe - Moses - our teacher who built the house of G-d -
and who led us 40 in the desert!
Maybe light an extra Yahrzrit candle for him?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz 
PS - in the news today: a "new" find - a Roman army base fro 1800 years ago!
Tel Megiddo, which has been inhabited continuously for over 5,000 years,
 is mentioned several times in the Bible. Christian texts often refer to the site as “Armageddon.” 
Today it is an Israeli national park designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.
The director of the Antiquities Authority said, “The proximity of the Roman legionary base to the National Park of Megiddo, recognized as a World Heritage Site, and also to one of the earliest Christian prayer halls known in the world,
 discovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority 
Under a Kibbutz wheat field! and within the Megiddo Prison compound, provide potential to enhance the tourist experience at this central location at the gateway into the Galilee.”

Portion Mishpatim - Plus Plus Plus:

 Portion Mishpatim - Plus Plus Plus:
Tonight (Thursday) begins a two day New Month - Rosh Chodesh - and as the prayer says,
"May it be for forgiveness on our past".
And it also begins a double month of Adar - the month of Purim-
And Purim comes in the middle of the Second Adar!
And this Rosh Chodesh I remember surviving a terrorist attack on Rosh Chodesh Adar
 ... (sadly 8 high school students were killed in that terrorist attack in a building where I study).
Don't forget this Shabbat has its Torah Portion - "Mishpatim - LAWS" 
Which follows the Portion Yitro with the 10 Commandments at Sinai?
“Our Job is to shed light, not to master”
Reb Shlomo Carlebach  - on Parshat Mishpatim –
(This Portion directs the Israelites) "Ascend to the mountain and be there (Sh’mot 24:12)"
(And for us, today - are we all supposed to visit Mount Sinai?
No, but we should memorize Sinai Commandment 1: There is only one G-d ( the unseen, and
The unknowable - except thru his attributes in this world! We Can never Guess G-d’s intent!)
And this we can  learn from.Purim! There was a Haman.
Today there is Hamas -And there is an axis of evil today with new nuclear powers)
Rav Shlomo taught : We Jewish people, children of Avraham Avinu,  have a very deep sense of paganism. ..of what idol worship is .
Idol worship is if a human being takes to himself more power than he has,
 it’s when I make myself bigger than I am. 
 and Rabbi carlebach continued: I’m not only referring only to other religions. When I see a rabbi ...or
If a teacher takes more power than he has in the classroom, ..., it’s terrible.
(Power is the Almighty's: As we were saved from Haman ...  we will be saved now.
So what shall we teach our grandchildren? To all be at Megilla reading!
Haman demanded that everyone bow down to him - but Mordechai told us NO!
Rabbi Shlomo: I wouldn’t bow down before the holiest man in the world. I would walk up to him, shake his hand and kiss him. I respect him, but bowing down?
 I only bow down before G-d, nobody else. I only bow down before G-d. 
To bow to humans means I am nothing in their presence.
When G-d spoke to us on Mount Sinai, do you think we were lying on the floor, licking the toes of Moshe Rabbeinu? When we stood on Mount Sinai, we stood straight up.
The Ba’al Shem Tov says the difference between bowing down before a human being and bowing down before G-d is very simple. To bow down before a human being, the smaller you get, the more you bow down. 
The way to bow down before G-d is to make yourself as tall as you possibly can. The fact is, we only bow down to G-d one time on Rosh Hashanah and three times on Yom Kippur. How come? Because even bowing down before G-d is a heavy scene.
Now open your hearts. There are moments when I have a chance to become a master over somebody else. If you stood on Mount Sinai then you know that only G-d is a master. ...
IT can happen between husband and wife, and even parents and children, 
The essence of yiddishkeit is that you are not a master over your children. You are not a master over anyone in the world.
The worst thing in the world is when we play G-d over somebody else.
So you see what it is, when Moshe Rabbeinu comes down from Mount Sinai the first thing he says is 'Yidden, I want you to know one thing. If anybody here thinks to be a Master over anybody else, then they were not on Mount Sinai,' because only G-d is the master.
Good Shabbos!"
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach taught the essence of Sinai - and the Portion"Ve Ayleh Mishpatim "
continues those laws.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz


Portion Vayeegash : King Joseph the Psychologist?

 Portion Vayeegash : King Joseph the Psychologist?
How did Jacob accept the 11 sons telling him to move to Egypt?
Was he worried it might be like LA?
Fake news that maybe Joseph was alive and Viceroy in Egypt?
What did Jacob say to his son Joe when seeing him after 20 years?
"Joseph: did you 
Restart or Reframe?"
How did you get your brothers to stop hating you?
Based partially on an idea from Dr. V. Friedman 
Joseph reframed the dispute.
Joseph said to them
"It wasn't was the Almighty who sent me to Egypt. Now let's eat!
And then right away go get Dad down here because things are getting worse."
But they still needed to do a
Restart - to go forward.
Dr. Friedman says this is true for all Israel after October7.
Individually and in total.
If they we only will.
And I humbly add- the WORLD needs a Restart.
And a reframe that Jews Heal All, and that
Judaism Designates Peace and Life as the World Priority
And that Every Government from the UN to Pago Pago need to
Legislate the above line
Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Portion MeKaytz - the End - the Last Chanuka Day!

This morning I was number 7 at the 6AM local Sepharadi minyan
Eventually the 10th showed up ... and 11th ...and. the. 15th.
But I got an Aliyah anyway for being on time whenever I go there
So where does that put us on the Hamas War Map? We say Avinu Malkaynu there every day. ... it's needed because
Most surveys say Judea and Samaria Arabs support more Hamas actions!
And in our history: Based on Doctor Rothkopf)
The Greek exile  is referred to as חושך darkness ״וחשך על פני תהום״. 
Darkness is more insidious than evil because you can’t even see what lies ahead. It blocks the Light. 
Everyone knows that Chanuka. ה comes in the darkest time of year, the longest nights and then even at the end of the month when the moon is getting darker and darker. 
How do we know that when it comes to issues of spiritual darkness ,
That we must physically fight? 
Jacob - Yakov Avinu went back across the river to retrieve  the small jugs of oil 
that were to be the miracle of Chanukah!
 And for that he fought the Angel of Aisav
Until Dawn
Teaching us that, all through the galut until the Final Redemption SINCE
Chanukah always ends with Rosh Chodesh and the shining of the New Moon!
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz

Chanuka and Portion VaYayShev

Chanuka and Portion VaYayShev

A quote from Rabbi Carlebach

The sweetest  laws and teaching from Chanuka))

I want you to know, sweetest friends, when I see someone else putting on tefillin, I don't have to say a blessing over it. When I put on tefillin, I say a blessing, but I don't need to make a bracha over someone else fulfilling the mitzva.

And the same thing is true of all the commandments except one - Chanuka.

 If I go for a walk on the street and I haven't yet kindled the light in my own house, and I pass by someone else's house and I see his Chanukah candles, I have to make a bracha.

Do you know why? Because, to be honest, all year long. I don't really care if somebody else puts on tefillin. I pretend that I do, but I don't really care.

But on Chanukah, when I see somebody else serving G-d, it blows my mind.

 I say to myself, "I knew my neighbor was beautiful , but I didn't know he was shining so much.

When  I already kindled Chanukah lights in my house,I could think " but how does my light compare to my friend's? He is even deeper." So I make another bracha over my neighbor's light"


Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and his students make Chanuka relate to the brothers of Joseph and his trials –

And here I am in a bus trying to get home to light candles

In the middle of a major traffic jam

But  I know – that

All those honking horns are just drivers announcing the happy beginning of Chanuka!

And Shabbat Shalom to All

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz