Shabbat and Shavuot

 Shabbat and Shavuot Women...Ruth, Yevamot, Naso and Sotah Jealousy
First of all - A Happy and Healthy (despite the cheesecake theme) ShaVooOat Holiday!
(And leftover Memorial Day USA)
And remember - it's all about:
Women Women Women Women!
G-d Bless our Jewish Women!
We are instructed that Reading the 
Book of Ruth is IMPORTANT!
As much as the Torah Portion?
What did Ruth ever do for us, Anyway?
Well, the ToraH could be viewed as "a spider web" ... growing, to try (like Spiderman?)
To save the world from itself!
Was the web started at Sinai?
We read the Ten Commandments on Sunday.
Or only when the Israelites entered Israel, in
the time period of Judges - and of Ruth?
The portion of Bamidbar read in the diaspora does not mention women
  it deals with
Defending the camp (families) in the desert
Starting this week - Portio Naso read
In Israel-
Deals with family issues like
Couples and jealousy
The Talmud anecdotally talks about 
 couples in trouble, talking about court,
But requiring them to go to the Temple
In Jerusalem,
Those on ths way to the court might
Decide to enjoy the physical benefits of Israel
 and Reconcile!
So Ruth and her sister OrpA 
Separately deal with
MotherInLaw issues
And eventually both
have boys
Orpa's son is called Goliath (yes, that guy)
While Ruth's son is called you guessed it
DAVID the King of Israel.
Whats the difference?
Sometimes it's up to us
Enjoy Shabbat and ShavuOat - the Gifts of G-d
Shabbat Shalom 
Chag Samayach
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz