Portion Shlach but the Spies didnt hit the Beaches!

Portion Shlach but the Spies didnt hit the Beaches!

Moshe sent the spies to "check out the land".

Go to the South he said. Check out the grapes. Dry wine or sweet?

Why didn't Moses tell our people there would be NATURAL GAS off the coast?

Funny, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe did 50 years ago!

WHAT ABOUT fishing rights?
The people complained that fish were "free" in Egypt (as if really...).

There was no Canaanite sea trade the Israelites could deal with (nothing I know was ever discovered).

My theory is that the Phoenicians from Greece and the Syrian Hittites dumped people they didnt like - criminals and abusers -into Canaan,

Like Egypt did 100 years ago - dump CRIMINALS into Gaza!

Ancient Egypt did sea patrols - but did they do commerce besides fishing the Nile? I don't know of any.

Greeks and Romans did commerce ...while conquering and destroying - and the Iraqis and Chinese ... silk trades...etc?

Africa - not likely they did sea trade ... maybe a little with Arabs -
so the spies were sent to see if the agriculture would support the Israelites.

So why were only 2 of the 12 spies smart? Why did 10 fear leaving the Sinai for the land of Israel?

Combining ideas and bringing innovation is a Jewish thing...

Was there ever a Scottish navy? Or a Pakistani people (just tribes like in Afghanistan)? (And why did Bangla Desh split off from them, anyway?)

America was founded on individuals trying to get by.

Israel was founded because one of 2 reasons
1 The Almighty loved our ancestors
2 the worl needs a place where holiness can reach out to the world
and get the world off the vicious cycle

Fake Socialism
False gods

How many nations just want to develop and help others like Israeli doctors volunteering in Africa whom I have met?

And bring Shabbos to the world!

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz