Portion Key TayTzay- life and Times of Rabbi Akiva was in - Tel Aviv?

Portion Key TayTzay- life and Times of Rabbi Akiva was in - Tel Aviv?
The portion starts out "When you fo to war" ...
Yesterday Israel security forces in Tel Aviv arrested an Arab who had a machine gun and two pipe bombs  
He recently was released after serving 4 months in prison  for carrying a concealed weapon in a public place
Where do they get machine guns? The US gives them and trains "Palestinian Police"!
Thank G-d he was caught on his way before he could  kill people in Tel Aviv 
Being so close to Rosh HaShono - in Shul we hear the Daily Shofar - a Wake up Call ...
"Return to who you were once before..." sang Rabbi Carlebach -
Before being bombarded by media and movements and "world culture - of terrorists and apologists"
Rachel - wife of Rabbi Akiva - gave of herself so a great potential could become a great world force
Their Daughter was saved by charity - feeding a poor person thereby delaying her wedding ceremony,
she stuck her hairpins in a hole inthe wall and went to the kitchen to get the man some food -
and when she came back -
they both saw the hairpins had been stuck in the eyes of a snake -
which could have killed them both!
Yes Rabbi Akiva lived part of his life near Tel Aviv,
but the Romans took his life when he was teaching in Tiberias -
at the Sea of Galilee - 
for being a leader in the revolt against Rome
(which was successful for 3 years - the only successful revolt in Rome's history)
(in those days MOST Rabbis Ran from the Romans )
But he left us with a couple of holy children
some holy stories
and Genius Insights into the Torah
- which I hope to teach a bit - in New York starting next week -
thru Yom Kippur
Love Health Wisdom - 
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz