Portions Vayakhel Pekuday ...and a New Month to All

Portions Vayakhel Pekuday ...and a New Month to All
This Double Portion is perfect for architects and accountants ... 
(Because Moshe gave an exact accounting of ALL the donations to the Temple in the Desert AND
then he and his helpers AND ALL THE ISRAELITES set it up - 
quite a feat - if you look at the details in the portion!
But we mortals may get more satisfaction by looking at the spiritual side of - yes its coming in two weeks - Passover!
Practically speaking, crumbs are Chametz. SO
Why get rid of ALL crumbs?
Believe it or not, the Talmud says demons hide in crumbs. WHAT?
According to my teachers, the Talmud talking about demons in crumbs means germs and disease in rotting food... 
from a time period with little knowledge of sanitary issues.
Sorry here. You need to get rid of the crumbs, BUT
No, dirt is not Chamets! 
And we dont "sell the dirt" - only the bread-cookies-pasta stuff.
But the BIG question that stares us in the face (from the MAFTIR -
the last and SPECIAL Aliya this week -
What did our ancestors do that fateful night waiting anxiously for "the signal" from Moses,
"Yes!  We're Leaving Egypt"!
Were they sweeping out the crumbs? Vacuuming?
Eating the Passover BbQ?
Or telling over stories way back from the time of Abraham?
So I heard from Rav Levinger (the evening-before- maariv-class teacher here) that his Rebbes ordered:
That there are 3 stories we are ALL supposed to repeat this Shabbat before the New Moon (month) which comes on Sunday.
But I will not push my luck -
And will relate only  one each week,
for everyone to tell over one story each of the next 3 Shabbatote.
But first - Some Passover Rules
New clothes -for the Emperor? No - for EVERYONE for PASSOVER!
Yes new clothes before and FOR Passover
Special charity - give to those needy - especially now there are so many 
AND Clean out crumbs, but 
you can SELL - save - the booze in a separate place...
But the STORY-
About 200 years ago - and maybe 200 years before that-
 the booze runners had lots of ways to escape the "revenooers"
 (the tax collectors)
But they were always afraid - and
Sometimes got caught!
So this Jewish liquor runner stored his stuff 
(before Passover, to sell to the local Jews) - and
the Authorities found out
so he ran to the Rebbe - Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk
What are you afraid of? askeed the Rebbe
The "merchant" answered
"But but they know I stored the wine in the shul/synagogue cellar!
And they are coming!"
"Dont be afraid ," said the Rebbe.
"ut but but," said the booze runner!
Only be afraid of ONE said the Rebbe
Huh? But then he got it - the ONE AND ONLY Almighty
The police Came to the Lizensker (Elimelech) Rebbe and said
We heard of the illegal wine you are storing!
Go taste it, said Reb Elimelech.
And they did - but it tasted like Just Fresh Water!
And there was a Great Passover Festival that year in Lizensk
Because the water turned back to wine!
How ?
.Faith in G-d
Maybe only a little faith in the holy Rebbe  Elimelech
(And maybe because the wine smuggler was so thankful,
he was giving kosher wine discounts for pesach?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz