Portion Va Yay Tzay - Oiy what a Wedding!

Portion Va Yay Tzay - Oiy what a Wedding!
Jacob is sent to find a wife in the household of Lavan - and there is a big BIG wedding - everyone in town is invited.
And (question from Rav Neriya - with my interpretation) - So why such a big wedding?
Well, Lavan switches daughters on him - and I think maybe Lavan has in mind to embarass Jacob - when he wakes up and sees it's the wrong girl!
I am sure Lavan got the whole town LAUGHING at this joke!
But the teaching from this portion is not about Lavan - it is about Jacob.
He is not dismayed by the tricks of Lavan - but he learns to outwit that scoundrel!
And in the end - he gets out of the "(wifes')  parent trap" quite a rich man!
How ? 
So here's the news from this week - a Synagogue from the third century has been excavated in the Golan Heights - JUST ABOUT
where Jacob and Lavan parted ways when Jacob and the family escaped back to Israel 3000 years ago!
The existence of a mosaic floor shows the wealth of the Jews who lived there!  So Too (probably) Jacob -
who herded his flocks of sheep there! It was clearly a place to support a large population in comfort!
And spiritually - maybe it was because Jacob maintained his honesty and civility despite having to deal with a Lavan who couldn't even 
maintain an agreement to let his younger dauguter Marry Jabob - and
So the Almighty "paid back" Jacob for teaching that lesson to "the world" - that you can be wealthy honestly!.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz