Portion Vayishlach : Nothing to fear? But fear itself?

Portion Vayishlach : Nothing to fear? But fear itself?
That was the line touted by president Roosevelt in WW II. Wasn't he off a little bit?
The Torah states clearly that one should " Fear your Almighty  - Yareita may Elokecha ".
In last week's portion Jacob said "Pachad Yitzchak" - saved him from Lavan's treachery-
the " L-rd who 
Is the Awe who protected Isaac" his father
And thus protected Jacob from Lavan!
So in this portion...
It sounds like Jacob was SO so afraid of Esau?  And
did  he not Trust in the Almighty?
What in Torah does Awe mean?
Why did Jacob need it?
What does it mean for US?
What is fear? Yirah it says in these portion so...
Is it fear of esau?
Awe of the Power of Hashem ....
Awe of the Miracles wrought by Hashem
Fear of losing our Connection to Hashem
Fear of not doing "  the Right Thing  " that 
Hashem is directing Each of Us to grapple with
The Breslav songs say  Low Lu Fached Klal
- be Fearless - 
After learning to appreciate all those 
"  trials by fire of our forefathers and mothers" that the Torah teaches us in Every Portion
But use everthing in those portions
To increase Yirah and Pachad of Hashem in the world.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz