Portion of Vayetzay – Was Jacob in the Garden of Eden – or only Adam and Eve (and the snake)?

Portion of Vayetzay – Was Jacob in the Garden of Eden – or only Adam and Eve (and the  snake)?

 As my Rebbe used to say – this is the deepest from the SOUL of the Torah (The Kabbalah)-

Each of the Fathers – Abraham Isaac and Jacob (with help  from the spouses – note by AE)
taught us the SECRETS of  PRAYER (based on the Talmud) –

 Abraham taught Shacharit (morning prayers) Isaac 
 taught Mincha (afternoon prayer) and Jacob taught the
 prayers we NEED to do at NIGHT.

But the Talmud says "The TORAH makes NIGHT PRAYERS (Maariv)
and Required to be done before midnight!"

 The Kabalah teaches us that eating from the Tree of  Knowledge spoiled all our senses
EXCEPT the sense of SMELL (until maybe the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai – but
 that's another story)

 But in a nutshell (pun):
 praying Maariv – at night – gives us a bit of the AROMA  of the Garden of Eden –

You can SENSE an AROMA even in the dark

 And that when we pray Maariv - DESPITE THE DARKNESS - we can
 get just a WHIFF of the HOLINESS we need to bring to the
 WORLD – and maybe the world will get it too.!

 Keep on PRAYING  like Abraham Isaac Jacom Sarah Rebecca Leah and Rachel!

 Love and Shabbos

 Rabbi Andy Eichenholz