Portion VaYeytzey: was Jacob a refugee:

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Read Zohar - and the Laban War
Do you remember any wars?
Most Israelis have lived through a few.
My father in law - of blessed memory - today is his first Yahrzeit - fought in a few
But his attitude was always POSITIVE
But No , most Palestinians dont remember the 6 Day War (1967, 54 years ago)- 
Or starving under Jordanian conquest...
certainly do not the Israeli Independance war of 1948 and capture by Jordan
So the Torah says 
Laban and His Gang chased after Jacob and family who 
Were just going home to
The Other Grandparents
Why His Gang? The Zohar explains,
To Make War with Israel/Jacob
Would the UN have given Jacob
Refugee assistance like 
It does to Arabs who claim to be refugees?
Or to my father in law and
800000 other Jews
Who fled from Arab lands in 1948?
Now, it is  80 years later ,
And this week the US decided to keep paying UNRWA to make believe that
 3rd generation Arabs in Israel are refugees
 It is not just stupid and stealing from   taxpayers
But also promoting terrorism and
Making War instead of HEALING RIFTS
Israelites like Jacob later -were fleeing drought to Egypt - and then enslaved there
Would the US have given  aid to Israelites? Actually we were enslaved for 210 years
But we came out with G-ds help,
And brought others with us - the eruv rav
And today
No other people solvd the "covid mysteries" like israeli researchers - 
To heal the world
We need an Anti Hatred Vaccine today
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz