Portion Toldot - Did the Ancient Kings - or our Forefathers and Mothers celebrate Thanklsgiving?

Portion Toldot - Did the Ancient Kings - or our Forefathers and Mothers celebrate Thanklsgiving? 
The Torah DOES tell us Abraham hob nobbed with Pharoah  and the Philistine kings.
And he DEFEATED 4 warring Kings! Was Abraham also a Jewish King? He had followers frirends and an army!
And it tells us The King of Jerusalem came - to say THANKS to Abraham - and did some giving (mostly BREAD)
And Isaac too hung out with the PHilistine king - was Isaac then a king?
I'm this portion Jacob is born ... And runs away from a brother - Esau - who wants to kill him - 
He is certainly NOT a KING! He was BROKE for a long while!
But his son Joseph is ALMOST a KING!
Moses - the Shepherd was like a king - and his assistant Joshua was LIKE him … but Not Quite a King!
David the Shepherd of Israel IS A KING … and all his decendants!
Rabbi Carlebach said we are all like kings-
and should make our meals (ESPECIALLY ON SHABBAT) like KINGS and QUEENS - no fast foods! No Rushing!
Let's celebrate the ALMOST KINGS and be like REAL KINGS this SHABBAT
And THANK the Almighty for GIVING us 
ALL the stories of our fathers and mothers - from Abraham on down!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz