Va yey Ttzay - A kiss is not Just a Kiss

Va yey Ttzay - A kiss is not Just a Kiss
Last week  we read about the "Revolving doors"
Isaac couldn’t stop blessing Jacob –so Rebeca had to call Jacob outside to keep his nasty brother Esav from walking in on Jacob receiving all those blessings…
But anyway Jacob has to run away (this portion) from his angry brother with 3 pagan wives
But Jacob has nothing to write home about? Even though
all of a sudden angels are following him,
and he is rescued from a murderer,
and meets his cousin and falls in love?
Maybe his protective MOTHER Rebecca gets secret reports back from her brother Laban who gave Jacob his first real job?  Probably not since Laban is an abusive employer.
And Where did Isaac Disappear to? We never hear about him any more!
Jacob in our portion meets and falls in love with his cousin Rachel – and the Torah says he kissed her!
Did people kiss 3000 years ago? It says so!
Rachel his cousin will be his future wife – but he ALSO MARRIED LEAH! (and 2 others!)
What does that have to do with world history and Jacob's struggle with Esav?
Esav has 3 pagan wives worshipping idols in front of holy Isaac and Rebecca.
Jacob has 4 holy wives raising 13 children who will (with all their struggles)
 Bring Holiness .... and Prophecy …. And hopefully healing to the whole world!
That's history! Read about it every day as the media tries to distort our story…
But the Soul of Israel struggles on and brings light to the world!
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach used to teach:
A real kiss needs you to close your eyes
Because a real kiss is LOVE, BELIEVING and TRUSTING – as we see that
Jacob meets his holy cousin – and believes and trusts and knows his future will be just
as in the Prophetic  Blessings from Isaac (last week's portion) – 
and that is our future too.
May this Shabbat be a Shabbat of Belief Blessing Trust and Love
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz