Portion Chayei Sarah about the Rabbi and the 4.AM Skunk

Portion Chayei Sarah about the Rabbi and the 4.AM Skunk
This week we find Rebecca , or actually Eliezer -finds Rebecca - 
But not for himself - but to marry Isaac
So what kind of story is that?
 and so what kind of learning can we glean from this chapter in our "Jewish Family history?"
We no Longer arrange marriages long distance or do we?
We will pass on that for now
 And who remembers that great heroine Rebecca?
But here we have a story hidden in the middle of the portion
As I thought about that skunk...
Just this morning at four AM I was walking to the bus to go to a class and then pray
 when I guess I startled a skunk slinking through the garbage waiting to be picked up by the city
Who was more worried by who?
I walked away quickly and he ran off in the opposite direction
But in the Rebecca story we chance upon a REAL smelly character
It says Lavan tries to kill that match made in heaven AND
In the meantime Lavan probably kills his father who was FOR it
( - or was it heart attack? I think murder...)
Read between the lines and this is a story of greed
(     Because Abraham knows his relatives And sends gifts
But knows their treachery
And sends his army captain Eliezer to make sure there is no hanky panky ... See the war two weeks ago)
Who was more of a skunk than Lavan?  But he and Rebecca were siblings and
They grew up in the same house!
So lesson 1 seems to be
Teach All your kids Kindness not greed
And lesson 2 that in the Greater World we need to
Teach Everyone that Treachery will Not be Allowed
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz