Portion ChaYay SaRah: When is LIFE and What is DEATH? (in a nutshell)

Portion ChaYay SaRah: When is LIFE and What is DEATH? (in a nutshell)

In this Portion: Life in Abraham's World after the Passing on of Sarah…

A friend of mine passed out last Friday Night at Kiddush. Scared his family. Went to the hospital. Thank G-d he is out – and it may not have been "much". But who knows?

A few hours ago (Tuesday morning in Israel) a terrorist stabbed a few Israeli people and shot a few people –leaving  3 murdered and 4 serious cases in the hospital. It was near a place where 5000 Arab workers and a few thousand Israelis work together in HARMONY. So ???

And mass killings in the good old USA?

What do you do If you are the new government of Israel? Do you listen to the American administration telling you to keep investigating one journalist killed in the middle of a firefight a few months ago – or find out who drove the LATEST terrorist to the scene of his crime?

And the CRYTO billionaire who crashed – bankrupt  after funneling millions to politicians – some of whom ignore the Taylor Force Act which is supposed t stop "pay for slay " here?

Really, now!

Abraham teaches THE WORLD what is righteous. And he looks out for ALL his children.

Isaac (who in this Portion finally gets married) - teaches love of family.

So where in the world do we get … Okay – Babelon  … NOAH … CAIN AND ABLE  … SODOM…

So in the next few Portions –

We will see that  Jacob teaches wisdom and tenacity in the face of – yes - hatred…

Rabbi Finkelstein spoke this week about praying for the individual – and the wider community!

He spoke  at the Shiva for Dina Englander –

A wonderful woman wife mother friend –

And a lady who made over 100 matches – not asking any reward or "agency fee"!

Starting holy Jewish families in Israel! Like Abraham ' s legacy.

May we all learn the skills to finally bring HARMONY TO THE WORLD.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz