Portion Chayei Sara - Answer to Woke, SILLY!

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In the Portion this week are stories - and DEEP MEANING from them.
Sara dies, and Abraham buys (more land in Israel)
And Isaac needs a Good Woman-
Because Abraham is not impressed by the locals-
so he sends his right-hand trusted Manager -to
find a SOUL PARTNER for Isaac (his half brother Ishmael already 
had a few wives by this time).
I don't want to ignore the MANY MANY learnings from each part of the portion
But it's time this week to focus on the ZOHAR
the spiritual underpinnings of "Everything Torah".
No it's not outdated at all - ancient maybe, down to earth maybe, in a 
way that sometimes hits you in a modernism-aint-everything way.
So just one point this week, about:
Souls - do we have one? The Zohar says YES
In a homiletical way, the Zohar (on a later portion) says,
And he showed all SOULS to Adam - and they even
They even Looked Like ANGELS!
And Adam reviewed their future histories - to all their end of days
Then they all looked to  G-d (for their "marching orders"!
So like ANGELS they/we were ALL Given a Task before 
being sent down here - to START OFF EQUAL -
and the Angels teach them/us Torah,
then "Kiss each soul" to forget most of it - 
And THEN the Angels send us off to this world -
not to make money -
and we all start to look and think differently ...
So the portion gives us lessons in BELIEF, in ACTION,
in HONESTY (not like the liar Laban), in humility,
Abraham gives gifts and blessings - and then the SAGA continues
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz