Portion Chaye Sara - A Hoot and a Brawl

 Portion Chaye Sara - A Hoot and a Brawl
Abraham buys the Double Cave - with Cash.
Now: About Abraham's exchange with the people of Hebron:
I heard a legal discussion about laws of War that  concluded there is NO LAW DEALING WITH HUMAN SHIELDS - used by Hamas in Gaza.
But Israel has to worry about international opinion alone - 
which is clearly being manipulated by Soros and Iran spending billions  -
To push a Nazi like stigma on the Jews.
There are about 5 million illegals that have come across the Mexican border.
American public opinion will be won over in the next few years - in SPANISH.
(Also South American public opinion - ONLY WITH HELP OF THE VATICAN)
So Yemen Houtis attacked Eilat last night with drones and missiles - paid for by Iran
And in Israel - There is a video of a few Gazans who got to Europe interviewed by an Israeli months ago -
and they say "if you disagree with Hamas you are done for...
or they arrest your family if you disagree with their war policies
Abraham spoke Iraqi and Egyptian and Hebrew - and I guess Hittite as well (in Hebron)
We need to get Israeli speakers to the US that speak spanish - Persian and Arabic won't help!
The masses of Arabs, sadly,  support dstruction of the Jews - in America as well.
So: Why are the billionaire leaders of Hamas Qatar and Hizbulla meeting in Egypt?
Are they all repenting their evil murders?
Will Egyptian rulers convince them to accept peace with Israel? Egypt is the country that controlled Gaza for years!
Will Hamas murder Mahmoud Abbas -  and take over Jordan as well?
What is the Almighty planning for this Shabbat?  Who can imagine?
Jews got along many times in much of the whole world - until Hitler - except for an occasional inquisition.
Is there someone to explain that in Spanish? In Latin? Maybe ...
A Rabbi wrote on the Aish Hatora email of meeting  Albert Einstein's great granddaughter in Jerusalem! Yes!
Rebbe Elimelech writes on this portion that the greatest of Jews are the 
holy humble helpful healers - 
of the soul - and also of the physical - 
who bring Joy into the world not by material things - but by combining
Maybe that can work? Hasta Luego mis Amigos!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
PS - Yad Sarah is the organization providing - freely - 
All the medical equipment used in rehabilitation ... Something a lot of soldiers will need after this war




"שמור וזכור את יום השבת לקדשו": בבקשה לא לשלוח הודעות בשבתות וחגים.
כדי ללמוד איך לשמור שבת, כנסו בימות החול לכתובת
שבת שלום!