Portion of Chayei Sarah – the LIFE (force) from Sarah

Portion of Chayei Sarah – the LIFE (force) from Sarah
The Torah said Abraham brought with him to Cannan/Israel (out of Iraq and out of Syria) a number of souls – attracted to monotheism.
The Medrash said Sarah was the main teacher of the women that came along with them.
Look at the pictures of the people in Syria and Iraq today – now imagine 3000 years ago, the abused and unappreciated women doing all the work at home and in the fields – and appreciate the inspiration Sarah sewed into their souls. She was the nurturing mother to all of them for 25 years in Israel before she had her own child!
At the end of this week's portion of Chayei Sarah it tells us that Isaac was praying in the evening. Then he saw his future bride riding towards him on a camel next to Eliezer's (Abraham's main servant's) camel welcomed Rebecca and brought her into the tent of Sarah his mother – and the candles re-lit themselves and from that time there was always light in that tent !
Our Masters teach that each of our forefathers and foremothers had something special they brought to our people.
Araham was the outside person and taught the world how to come close to the Almighty.
Rabbi ShlomoCarlebach taught that Isaac was the INSIDE – sunset prayer person – who gave hope to those who despaired that they had not accomplished what they wanted during the day. Just pray that tomorrow will be a day of fulfillment.
And Rebecca? She re-lit the hope and imagination and light that Sarah was able to instill in all the women hoping for closeness to the Almighty.
May we be inspired by them – and never lose that hope.
Love and Shabbos from Israel
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz