Toledot - Seeing the Soul next to You

Toledot - Seeing the Soul next to You
Toledot - Seeing the Soul next to You
When do you see the soul of the person next to you?
Can we learn a lesson from the Patriarchs and Matriarchs?
When Isaac first beheld Rebecca she fell off her camel and immediately put on a shawl -
as ladies do in Synagogues today - in awe of the Almighty
Rabbi Shlomo Katz compiled a new book of explanations from Rabbi SHLOMO Carlebach's talks,
On this portion he brings the REALIZATIONs from our forefathers:
when Isaac recognized the GREATNESS of his wife Rebecca -
-seeing her willingness to leave her wicked father's house and join Abraham's worship of the one Almighty and Holy G-d
when Isaac recognized the greatness of his son Jacob -
who ran to create a dinner for his Dad who was afraid he might be on the quick route to the Next World
(And when Abraham recognized the Greatness of his son  Isaac - who willingly joined in the possible sacrifice for the Word of G-d - which in the end worked out better-
 when G-d told them it was just a test -
to prepare future generations for difficulties in worship of G-d)
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach said it (seeing into the SOUL next to you) happens
when you try to see it:
Sometimes at great moments in your life
and Sometimes when tou get DEEP into prayer you can sense the greatness of others
Let's all try some of both ways this Shabbat
And SHARE those realizations with our loved ones
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz