Portion Va Aiy Rah : Dealing with the Pharoahs

Portion Va Aiy Rah : Dealing with the Pharoahs
Joseph's bones - why wasn't he buried in the Valley of the Kings?
His Niece Serah- daughter of Asher -showed Moses where the Pharoah had ordered Joseph to be thrown into the Nile!
Lots of questions here,
One answer being : Egypt felt
Joseph was a good luck charm,
And they needed luck with the Nile
But let's look a minute at history -
where it seems that Egypt was taken over by
Hyksos conquerors - but there's not a lot to prove that it was during Joseph' s time
Or maybe that was when it says 
" and a new king arose who did not know Joseph " (as the Bible writes) - arose
Be that as it may - what was the general consensus of ALL Egyptian rulers?
And maybe Vladimir Putin? huh!? What?
Last Shabbat I was at the Kiddush in memory of the father of a Yemenite Breslaver Hassid / huh?! Yes. A very colorful guy...
While the rabbi-son read a portion from Rabbi Nachman's tales
He was pretty adamant relating
Putins murders (yeah yeah yeah ...Also Ukrainian Nazis etc).  
Pharoah's murderers - who tossed babies into the river
(While some righteous gentiles saved kids)
On a lighter note my teacher friend told a meaningful joke.
Rav Yaskil said about Jewish Rulers
(based on Jacobs blessings to the children
.Be.. chadash... New....renewal
So these
Three robbers heard the sirens ... cops were coming
One hid under a Maserati
The second Under A tractor
The cops asked what they were doing there?
Fixing the motors, they answered.
No motor  tools with you? Forget it, you're Coming with us!
The third went to hide Under A donkey
When asked what he was doing there
He answered,
I was just born!!! So they let him go.
Lesson from
Rebbe Nachman:
Always Start over (Jewishly Speaking especially)
Forget your Old Ways and
You will stay out of trouble!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz