Portion Korach - did he Know his Left from his Right?

Portion Korach - did he Know his Left from his Right? 
The Kabalah uses the Torah sentences to implant DEEP MEANING into ALL of G-d's CREATION
The Talmud uses the same Torah sentences to implant WISE Daily Ritual into ALL of G-d's CREATION
The Medrash uses the same Torah sentences to create a Sweet AWARENESS of G-d's Torah Wisdom
all there are from about 2000 years ago - after 1000 years of Solomonic Wisdom and Davidic Spirituality,
ALL WRITTEN DOWN FOR US - and those who try to defame the simple truth above-
by "making up THEORIES" are basing their theories on on ego or need to deceive in order to further their on ambitions or economics
(like those who constantly claim to see UFO's - not starts - or the Loch Sea monsters - not fish ...)
so this week in Israel (where I started the week) is Portion Korach 
and here in New York (where I am now) is the Portion of Shelach
Both talking about COMPLAINING and using falsehoods - with
implications for many many years of troubles for Israel - and for the world.
Zohar has an interesting insight on Korach - the guy who wanted to replace Moshe and/or Aron
He was a Levite who wanted to be High Priest!
But in the "Zohar on Korach" it explains the strengths of:
Kohain vs Levi.
Not everyone has the "strength of the right"
But the world needs also the the strength of the left...
(kabbalistic concepts of "mercifulness " versus "powerful support of G-dliness")
In synchrony they work -
But with Korach's complaints he confused the
strength of those,
with others' strengths-
- and his Ego charged the Israelite Camp with dissent -
And the earth "swallowed up the rebels"! 
Because the earth follows the Laws of the Almighty!
Reb Elimelech on this Portion explains the mission that says
 ... b nakom sh ayn ish - hishtadel ...
If no one stands up to be a person -
in that instance- 
 ... it means the WORLD and G-d  need you!
It's the same problem of Portion Shelach ... 
"anashim Roshei..."
The 12 Leaders All wanted to be leaders of the people,
to take away Moses' G-dliness from the Israelite Camp -
They just Didnt want to be Mentshen - People that Stand with G-d!
So look at what some people do to pervert the truth
On the News " Iranian TV fabricates 
occer legend Cristiano Ronaldo declaring his hatred of Israeli “assassins.” (Pure lies and Photoshop)

By The Algemeiner


Iran’s state TV has falsely "quoted" Portuguese soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo as saying that he dislikes Israeli soccer fans and calls them “assassins.”

In a report that aired on June 15, Iranian state television showed a video clip of the Manchester United striker speaking, falsely translating him as saying: 
“Israeli football fans, for me, are the most hated. I cannot tolerate them. I won’t exchange my shirts with assassins.”
However, Ronaldo never made those remarks, news outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported on Monday. 
Iran’s official broadcaster used footage from a 2016 video 
that Ronaldo recorded for Save The Children, the London-based humanitarian organization, 
Radio Free Europe reported. 
In the original English-language video, Ronaldo drew attention to the struggle Syrian children faced during that country’s brutal civil war.
The TORAH portrays the TRUTH
while Depraved Tyrants prefer PROPAGANDA and LIES.
We Jews must stand for:
which shall prevail - we just need to teach the world to prioritize that!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz