Portion Lech Lecha

Portion Lech Lecha - Abraham inside and outside and the Other Side
He was known as "from the other side":
  "Ivri " - to G d ,
Ivri to Us (from this parsha) ,
and the Archaeologists translated papyrii talking of the "apiru".
He stood across from all the idol worshippers of the world.
So Abraham comea to Canaan - from across the river
Who was he before - and them after he arrives?
Rav Hirshler explains the word "nah tah tee " in the portion - given - to Abraham:
That Israel is ours already from the 6 days of creation - given to us by Divine Design - and just being here changes us. And Abraham?
But what did Hashem give us exactly?
According to Rabbi moshe tzvi neriya, for Avram Abinu,
The obvious Holiness was not yet clear. 

But Rav Hirshler

 says it dependss on US seeing

The Holiness

So what did our ancestor Avram 

(Abraham in English) 


  Only the hidden holiness

And he gloried in the secret holinesd

 And built an alter to worship the Almighty

But later G-d says

"Traverse the Land"

After he travelled the Land
Its Holiness was clear - despite the challenges
so when did Abraham change - or did he
Or was Torah and G d revealed to him early on? Maybe he is our forfather because he didn't have to change.
Just open his eyes
And see the potential
For growing a Holy People
He was the First in History to do Major Kindness and Morality
Just read our Torah! Others Wage war - while Abraham teaches kindness and rescues people
He is the great Role Model of Judaism
And for humanity
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz