Portion vaYay Lech - Where did Moses really go - and Why?

Portion vaYay Lech - Where did Moses really go - and Why?
In this Portion, Moses is soon to leave this world,
and he is getting ready for his final song and final speech in front of all the Israelites.
The Torah Writes: "And Moses went" (Deut. 31:1)  Question: Where did he go?
One Answer sometimes given is:
The tent of Moses was outside the camp of the Israelites. When Moses desired to gather the people, he would have the trumpets blown (see Numbers 10:7) for them to gather
BUT On this day, his last day on earth, it would not be fitting to display the trappings of royalty, so Moses simply walked into the camp to address the people.


Others explain that Moses purposely displayed his physical stamina by energetically walking in front of the people. Showing that he was physically fit at the age of 120.
Then, his next words, "I am unable to go out and come in," refer to his limits in changing Torah.
When the gates of Torah were closed, Moses had no desire to live. (The great Rabbi Boruch Ber Lebowitz of Kaminetz (in Lithuania) heard someone proclaim, "Without Torah we cannot live!" The rabbi reportedly exclaimed, "And even if we could - who would want to?!")


So - Was Moses fulfilled? Or was he maybe angry or upset about not being allowed into Israel? NO WAY!
Moses lived By Force of Dedication to Purpose 
And so HE ADDS A NEW MITZVA even at this late date:
Hakhel - that every 7 years the whole people must come up to the Temple,
 to hear the reading of the Torah.
May we all merit to hear the King read from His Torah!


Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz