Portion Naso : Priestly Blessings and Presidential Gifts

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Are we in the middle or the end of a war - where Iran helped build an underground terror city
Fired about 4000 rockets at civilians killing a couple of Israeli Arabs in a car,
causing a few deaths when older adults ran for shelters and either fell or suffered heart attacks,
with 2 or 3 Israeli soldiers killed?

And some of WE JEWS are STILL looking for a little Torah Inspiration! (We should all be).

So the Portion reminds us how Levites had to Labor - but
were assisted by gifts from the Presidents of the 12 Tribes,

And the priests are Taught how to Bless EVERYONE -
by Invoking the Holy One's Name on the People of Israel -
and Praying for Peace - Shalom.

My neighbor was just here - a dentist in the army - before ging out for the next 2 days-

NOT to fix teeth -

But to sit in a truck (like a fire truck) JUST IN CASE he needs to spray water at
attacking Arabs trying to destroy the town where Abraham had the dream
OF THE LADDERS - with angels gong up,and some angels coming DOWN.
That's where he was allday yesterday.

The newspaper today said Israeli Clebrities are trying to get the truth out,

Even as Western Celebs are foul mouthing the Jews;

As civilians are bombed by terrorists who "fight for control Jerusalem" - which is
The safest place for a Moslem in the world!

The portion says "V Samu et shemi al Bnei Yisrael" Put my NAME on Israel -
but haters take Israel Off The Map!

The Almighty empowers the Kohanim- priests to "settle The Name of G-d" upon the children of Israel
- and The Pope? - he met with an Iranian official today!

His  holiness has not asked the Moslems to stop attacking - but maybe he thinks ....he is inspiring them?

The end of the portion has the Presidents of each tribe bring gifts to the temple,
 and for helping the Levites travel with all the temple stuff till they get to Israel

And 3 european foreign ministers were here today in support of the Jews right to defend themsekves

Where are the prioties of the world - sending those millions for being spent on attack bombs?

I like our Portion more than the Hamas rabble rousers like to pay for weaons and explosives

I like to think that carrying the Temple through the desert
Blessing the masses not the war mongers
and those that take Nazirite vows to protest against licentiousness
Are the priorities - and maybe some day we will get the message to the world

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz