Portion Passover - Counting Omer - and Matzas?

Portion Passover - Counting Omer - and Matzas?
What a funny name for a holiday - Matza !
But that's what we use in the prayers!
Imagine if July 4 th was nicknamed Crackers (besides the cultural implications)!
So the Talmud explains a few meanings - look them up - but I propose another 
Every Hebrew word has a 2 letter  "root":
Matz is the basis of "found "
(2 letter root with no Alef)
On Passover we celebrate the holiday of finding -
Jewish freedom
our peoplehood!
AND look at things this way-
Counting the Omer - and today is the 5th day
We ALWAYS count up - and tomorrow is the 6th...- and -
Not counting down means
Not just "looking forward" to Shavuote
The holiday of receiving Torah
But that we are Daily Doing our Best Prepare for
FINDING (Matz) the Holiness, G-dly meanings in the TORAH -
Torah, from the Almighty.
Shabbat Shalom and Happy and Healthy
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz