Portion VaYeCHee - Father Jacob and Justice Minister Jacob


Portion VaYeCHee - Father Jacob and Justice Minister Jacob


How much self-justified hatred and anger can exist in the minds of otherwise intelligent people. And how to combat that?

People need faith – in themselves as well as others – and in the FUTURE – as we learn from Jacob's blessings to his children in this week's portion.

The portion ends with blessings for all Israel – but ominously - IN EGYPT

Are hatred and anger born of greed or maybe often just "wanting good things",

Or is it ego (sometimes) that blinds instead of motivating for good?

So it's written that Father Jacob enjoyed 17 "good years" with his WHOLE family - but minus his dear Rachel. Wasn't he a bit angry at least?

Is that what we have to worry about here, today? After this "showdown" after the (corona) shakeup. Following "good years" but with anger?

 (Here meaning the Western and Middle Eastern worlds)

The lessons we have to learn from the portion – and from today – are evidenced in an episode from the life of another "Jacob" – my former neighbor Jacob (Yaakov) Neeman.

Starting 1996, he tried to set up a cabinet  Netanyahu' first term as Prime Minister

Representing those who elected him, including

my former neighbor as Justice Minister.

Michel ben Yair, a left wing (pro-Arab, anti-religion) legal advisor to the government (left over from the previous government)

Created fraudulent criminal cases - and removed Neeman – who was of course acquitted after months in the courts – but the criminal charges forced Neeman to resign after only a few weeks at work.

 Even the judge said the claims were baseless

Now again in Israel with trumped-up cases against Netanyahu

The current elections in Israel are NOT about peace accords, NOT about police abuses (although one high ranking police person was recently finally removed a few years after verified abuses), and not even - as the Army Radio was joking last night – about how a few politicians are starting "NEW" parties because the previous left-wing parties are disintegrating

Politics in Israel has many "angry" self-righteous angry politicians who probably would do better to help forge a post-Covid successful society helping Ethiopian and Indian Jews integrate and thrive in Israel.

So why does Book 1 (Bereisheet) of the Torah end this portion – in Egypt and not in Israel?

Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria wrote some years ago, that the First Book is about Creation – of the world, of justice, and about Israel's place and purpose.

The Second Book is about Salvation of the world – building Temples, building Society with Justice and Objective Rules (like the 10 Commandments).

THE First shoWed us the challenges AND ends with Life in Galut – Israel's children being cast into a corrupt world.

Moses in the Second (portions starting NEXT week) taught laws, after the miracles woke the world – and allowed us to Leave Egypt

And even in a desert – build a Temple of Love and forgiveness


Shabbat Shalom Health and Sweetness

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz