Portion Key Tay Tzay and the 3 Gates to Hell

Portion Key Tay Tzay and the 3 Gates to Hell
Dancing with kids now while the radio is playing -
"Mach a Brocho" - meaning "make this blessing and that one...."
In the portion there are a bunch of mitzvot - commandments
That you Dont Make a Brocho On!     Why?
You should really look that one up ...
But one note hear  ... Amalek (the anti-G-dliness)....must be destroyed -
so when the 10 henchmen of Hitler were hung - or Eichman - was a blessng required?
No - yet ...
we bless  on the reading of the Purim megila - because it is a mitzva WE ALL DO - TELLING of the
ruin of Haman and then the return and rebirth of Israel! Much Cause for a Blessing!

So what about the 3 openings (Petachim) to Hell the Talmud was talking about in this morning's class (Masechet Eiruvin)?

One - it says - is in Jerusalem! Is that possible?From the Holy City to ???

Anyway, the portion starts with women and discusses wonen in the middle ///
Remember the 5th of the 5 Books of  is partially a re stating of Mitzvas at the 40 year ending of desert wandering
So it repeats the mitzva to wipe out Amalek
But the "Women related Mitzvas" are different (look 'em up in the Good Book - this portion)
Yefat Toar
Yibum Levirate Marriage
And the woman who tries to protect her husband when he is in a fistfight ... right or wrong...

Wait - is that an insight to the openings to Hell ?
Just one quick thought ...

We sing Friday night to the Eishet Chayil - Woman of Valor -
whose husband trusts in her wisdom and her actions -

Maybe the non-blessings on these mitzvas - is because it's often a value decision -
and the Torah is not SOOO clear what the required action is - so we can't make a blessing-
and sometimes our actions lead us to heaven - and sometimes to the opposite place;

Only by study and working on these mitzvas can we be in a heavenly mode

Of course Shabbat helps ... giving us heavenly strength and direction
Have a good healthy sweet and empowering Shabbos

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz