Portion Shofetim - a New Month (Elul) and a New World

Portion Shofetim - a New Month (Elul) and a New World
Police and judges "within all your gates". Huh?
The Torah Portion here starts out with police and judges - and ends with - murder?
Aren't police and judges supposed to prevent - murder?
On one level we need order and safety "in ALL our communities"
In Israel there are a lot of fire bombs and rockets from Gaza lately as part of a Hamas attemot to destroy Jews instead of improving the lives of their people.

Are there no sane judges in Gaza?
On an individual human level we learn in the writings of -Reb Elimelech of  Lizensk
Bechol shearech means "Within all your gates"
Meaning withing your PERSONAL "gates" too - your senses (of all types).
He also writes "Every mitzva too "opens a gate" - a spiritual gate.

Rav Lasry speaks about the month of Elul - the 30 days leading up to Rosh Hashono - being the time most appropriate to "open spiritual gates"
The Lubavitcher Rebbe also taught that, clarifying:
Sometimes your mitzva opens "gates" for another - and you should be glad.
Another Rabbi wrote this week the famous rabbinic question brought to him":
Snake bit a person. The doctor said after treating him for a few days:
You should thank the guy who let the snake loose.
Why, asked the guy who wanted to sue the sanke's owner!

The Dr. said "because you came in here we discovered you had a malignant caner which we started to treat.
So the snake's owner actually saved you from an undetected murderous cancer.

The guy called hi Rabbi who said: "don't sue! Drop it! The snake saved your life!"
So too - with mitzvas - you know something good is going to come out of it! We just don't always know where.
Have a Healthy and Happy new month of Elul
And the whole month before Rosh Hashono
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz