Portion Nitzavim Vayelech - With all the Great Gifts we have today?

Portion Nitzavim Vayelech - With all the Great Gifts we have today?
Gifts? Corona and Elections with self serving politicians? Putin? China?
Lockdowns ... Masks ... People afraid to go out ... OIY VEY!
In this double portion the Almighty says "Today I give you Life and Good - (or the opposite)
Is that OUR Reality? or just some Philosophy?
Really now,  what are the Greatest Gifts of Today?
Isn't Corona making this year really more like a holocaust out there?
Moses tells the people "Be strong ... Joshua will lead you into Israel ...
Fear not...
Just as G-d defeated Sihon and Og ... FEAR NOT because the Almighty protects you..."
So many people have no idea what was the big deal about "defeating Sihon and Og".
While there is SO MUCH Torah and Power packed into these 2 little portions,
Let me just explain those 2 names - in a way to understand this election year in the USA
Sihon - relates to the word Sachitah- to EXTORT
"OO L Og" - relates to putting down or mocking you
These are crimes committed by words - and so are the crimes of political leaders -
Putin ... Iran ... even the UN ...etc
What is the Calming and yet Powerful antidote to their threats and verbal wars?
And indeed all the false complaints about Judaism from so many corners of the planet?
We have been shown by our sages that SHABBOS is the greatest Gift to the World.
Chapter 30 of Deuteronomy uses the letters of SHABBOS  שבת
in a few ways -
with meanings like
"You will Return" to G-dliness
and the Almighty will "Return you from exile"
Just like Joshua defeated Sihon and Og -
Our Shabbos has kept our people safe for thousands of years-
SO - Teach the World to "Play Shabbos"  this week!
And Next Shabbos will begin a wonderful NEW YEAR for the World!
Shabbat Shalom - Blessings from the Torah and the Almighty
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz