Shabbat Chanuka and Rosh Chodesh the New Month

Shabbat Chanuka and Rosh Chodesh the New Month
And as every year this Portion is deep into
"Brotherhood Rivalry"
We have learned previously of Judah's weaknesses and strengths - in Canaan/Israel
And Joseph's failings and powers - within the family - and then as a SLAVE in Egypt
But how did the JewishSlaveBoy know or 
Joseph (even before he became Assistant Pharoah) converted people to believe in a Unitary  G-d -
just as did  Jacob Isaac and Avraham Before Him
Is that what got him -Joseph- in trouble with Potifar, the nobleman who bought Joseph as a slave?
Did Potifar's wife come on to Joseph because of his holy teachings?
Is that why, at Pharoah's party, they brought the
2 ministers out of prison?
To make fun of the "new Jews?
Did they hang the minister that they did because he converted to Israelitish-ness?
And the  Pharoah? Were his prophetic dreams just "setting him up" for the Almighty
To introduce Joseph and Judaism to the world?
My deepest question here is how did Joseph
The Viceroy of Egypt
Have time to play tricks on his family?
Or do we learn from this portion how to
(How He Did)
Wake Up Those Who are Caught Up
In Their Own Anger
And " See the (Chanukah) light?"
Shabbat Shalom Happy Chanukah Light!
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz