Portion Shemini -Dearh of Priests and the World Wars

Today is Yom HaShoAh - Holocaust Rememberance day in Israel
I have to sadly say that giving 90 milion dollars to the Palestinian  Authority  that supports terrorists (with money) and murderers of Jews (in and out of prison) is an insult to the 6 million murdered by Nazis.
The world has a hundred years of European pogroms captured on film -
 proving the meanness of spirit that has returned to USA politics -
now freeing up millions also for Iranian sponsored terrorism and religious coercion around the world.
How stupid - since Iran will never retreat from calling Western people infidels and "dhimis" -sub class humans - and they repress those trying to return to a semblance of democracy like from pre- khomeini.
The 2 sons   of Aron  died in the Desert Sanctuary - they introduced -
A "strange fire" to the services there - and were consumed by fire.
Moshe  tells Aron his brother (at the Shiva) - that
Elokim told him " bikrovai ekadesh " - that the loss of those 2 holy younger priests
 was from their holiness-
Allow me to posit - they thought they could innovate - despite clear mandates from the Almighty -
they wanted to "make things better - and easier to make offerings". What's bad about that?
Good boys, Good intentions, Good ideas-
But the antithesis of holiness and G-dliness as the Almighty taught via Moshe our Teacher.
Didn't they learn from the Golden Calf incident?
Does the State Department of Obama Re-Treads think they will change Iran?
Let us ALL
Pray for sense (and write our Congressmen),
an end to US support of terrorists 
and murderers building nuclear bombs - 
all of whom are planning a war (and a Shoah) against the world.
Shabbat Shalom - Peace Health Love and a little Sanity to All the World
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz