Portion Shemee Nee - What kind of Wedding was That???

Portion Shemee Nee - What kind of Wedding was That???
In a nutshell-
(Because the world is nuts,
And because my jetlag is hanging on,
And I am  still drying off from the downpour in Jerusalem on my 630AM walk to Shul) :
It's all about weddings (I went to one last night),
About Marriage and its connection to the Israelite People
So: Congratulations to my friend getting married last night- a miracle that such a
Fine Couple - widower and a widow - met and connected so beautifully!
What's that - about "connecting" in this portion?
Marriage and other connections from the portion?
After weeks of proscribing the rituals of the Temple Moses built,
In This Portion .the Actual Sacrifices start off  - dedicating the Temple
 to connect us to the Almighty!
Then, sadly, the
2  oldest sons of Aron are consumed by fire - and
While varous commentaries explain various reasons-
Some believe it happened because they never married - 
and how can one "connect with G -d" if one cannot connect with a spouse?
Then in the Portion - rules of Kosher Celebrations -
 the Kosher Laws -
To connect our people with eating "power foods" - especially for Holy Celebrations
And then - a rule about Mikva Immersion - and Spiritual Purity - such as
Mikva after touching by some Ritually Tamei (impure) animals -
and of course relating to marriage!
And then this week - the Red Heiffer -Parah Aduma Purification ....
All of this is to remind us
and Marriage and Holiness and Connection to the Almighty (and each other)
facilitate that G-dly purpose.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz