Portion Tazria Metzora Israel Independence

Portion Tazria Metzora Israel Independence

In this double Portion we are told

If a woman has a child - and she cant go to the temple for a month or two;

If someone has leprosy - and can't stay in an Israelite town but right outside -
they too cannot enter the Temple

Before we go further afield - or become bothered -
remember the story in the Talmud

One young rabbi asks the Master Teacher "where is the Messia"

and is told "Go to just outside Rome - he is with the lepers..."

You may want to write your own continuation of that story - but there's a lot of MEANING here...

So what to focus on for this week and this Portion?

Last night I prayed in a Sephardic Minyan;
At home I listened to the Memorial Day speech of President Rivlin
And Benny Gantz the lame duck Defense Minister
And the Chief of Staff Kochavi - pledging
to use every modern defice to protect our soldiers as they defend us!

This morning I prayed with the local Ashkenazim,
Was blessed by one of our Kohanim (Priests)
And we sand praises that 73 years ago the Almighty blessed us with a state of our own after 2000 years!

Now for Israel Independence Day -
Walking here to prayers -
I watched an Ethiopian mother kiss her baby
Said Kaddish in the National Religious Minyan -

And waited to sing Hatikva
And blow a big Yemenite shofar

Okay - after childbirth Women were not allowed in the Great Temple -

for a WHILE

And we - now 2000 years later

What have we given birth to?

Just 200 nobel Laureates?

a chance for peace for after 70 years of Attacks ...

What's that to lepers and sufferers of gonohrea in the portion?

For 2000 years we were treated like lepers!

The Moslems were not as bad as the Christians, but ...

Our homes were violated the laws of plagues (which require homes be dismantled)

For Israelites ... Passover was a redmption - with
Redemption defined by Rabbi
Something you gotta cry over for hundreds of years until the longing is a deep part of you -
And the Almighty knows that
Then it's time for us to Escape egypt!

Then we are redeemed

We cry from happiness when a baby is born

From sadness when someone is sick

Israel sends help in times of any disaster any where in the world!

So lets understand the portion in light of 2000 years crying and praying for deliverance

And peace in the world

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz