Portion of Shemini and Haftara of Parah - Reasonable or NOT?

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This is Based on Rabbi Sholom Brodt - a student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach -
who heads Yeshivat Sinchat Shlomo in Jerusalem-
Who based his idea on that of the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto (1942).
Why should we perform Torah Commandments we don't understand or maybe even agree with?
(like Parah Aduma and Sacrifices the priests did in the Temple - from this week's Torah Reading)
Rabbi Akiva taught that
‘just like a ‘mikveh’ (Jewish ritual bath) purifies (for MANY purposes)
those who are ‘tamei’ (Ritually and Spiritual NOT READY) 
so too The Almighty purifies Iisrael [as it says "mikveh Yisrael Hashem” 
– Hashem is the ‘mikveh’ (prepares us for the SERVICE of G-d)  of Yisrael.’
This explains that to come close to G-d 
we must try with our whole PURIFY our INTENTIONS relating to our SPIRITUAL SIDE
As Rabbi Carlebach often said "friends. Open Your Hearts" - totally
Meaning be open " to the Amighty's holiness and  will, the Commandments - mitzvot"
and try to perform and enjoy them purely - as a gift of G-d.
So too did Moshe Rabeinu in this Portion - Shemini - try to teach Aron and his sons - to perform the commandments of all the Temple work - with a full heart -
and thus achieve the spiritual benefits for ALL ISRAEL
May we enjoy and perform this Shabbat and its MITZVOT with all our hearts and love
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz