Portion Passover Shabat - the FOUR Questions

Portion Passover Shabat - the FOUR Questions
Try this : 
What scent do you like? Roses? Or Spices? Bakery smells or BarBQ?
In Jerusalem the special Temple Incense permeated the Temple Mount
Hundreds of musicians and choralists of the Temple Levites 
performed songs composed by King David himself - in praise of
The Almighty saving us from Egyptian Slavery (thereby giving hope to the world)
Thousands of Holiday Visitors sat in groups 
Each with a sheep or goat for the Priests to prepare for the group to take home for the BarBQ at their Matza Seder
Portion Passover  - TODAYS QUESTIONS
When did Moses stop stuttering? At the
Burning Bush he was embarassed by it!
Maybe When he Sang at the Sea crossing!
Which proved G-d's true words?
Why didnt Pharoah let ANY of us out - to save the 10 HEADACHES  (plagues) he got
Maybe Gangsters
love blood, like frogs, and didn't suffer personally
 from ALL those 10 problems
Why do some Jews burn Chomets and
On Rosh Hashono throw bread in a river?
Maybe to tell THE WORLD 
(Hoping the world will realize that
Jews for all History have shared -
Depite the lies that keep getting spread)
Why dont ALL JEWS read the Hagaddah 
TONIGHT at their "Seder"?
Could it be that
Some like to eat more than to 
experience freedom 
or imagine the taste of thèir Matzas 
Of Freedom from Pharoan - ic Tyranny?
(Is that Like staying in Ukraine???)
Who wrote the Hagaddah anyway?
Maybe Elijah the Prophet, OR
Maybe Moses? Maybe King David or King Solomon
As one wonderful Rabbi Weinreb Wrote
Tonight should be a Seder of
Imagination and Empathy
The 4 questions beg the situation of American Jews.
When will we get our voice
 - get our act together?
Or will American Judaism be merged with every cute gentile who is intrested in 
" a less boring culture" than theirs?
When will the short sighted "leaders" of the world stop hurting their people 
Using lies to cover up their greed and thirst for control
Why do Jews bore themselves daily,
 instead of studyind some Torah Genius for  an hour a week for INSPIRATION AND WAKING UP THE HOLY SENSES we have
Could you tell the story of 3000 years 
Of Israelite History
if your grandchildren asked you?
Or co workers or friends?
Even with a little help from Elijah?
And Pesach Sheni - 
Is coming in a month- so
come for an hour or two...
Love and Shabbos and Passover Joy
From Jerusalem
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz