Yes - Yizkor AND crossing the Red Sea- ending Pesach

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach used to say  over a Hassidic story

About a Rebbe who came to the next world and went in search of his good friend -
(the allegory is we are ALWAYS searching for a GOOD FRIEND)
Tonight and tomorrow is the anniversary of the Israélite's crossing the Red Sea
(been there  and crossed that - but not 
the same way)
So too tomorrow is the day of saying Yizkor- do not forget!
When the Hassidic Rebbe found his holy friend by the sea 
 his friend said
"this is the sea 
made of all the tears of Israel
and I pray for an end to the tears"
So remember to say Yizkor
ANd remember we
ALL have seas to cross
and there are sometimes tears at each 
crossing - and wecan help each other end the tears
In the end the Almighty gets us ALL
to the Holy Land
A place and time to sing Halel songs and celebrate
Happy Pesach and Gutt Shabbos
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
celebrating in the Holy Land