Portion Tazria - Lepers and Laws for Today

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Portion Tazria in Israel this shabbat– and in the Diaspora a week Behind? 
Because Israel has 7 days of Passover and the rest of the world celebrates 8! Including last Shabbat!
Leprosy was a MAJOR illness in previous generations – and the Concept of Leprous Regimes in the world is still with us.  So many wars and despicable rulers and armies.
So the Torah teaches ... and the Rabbis explain ... and our JOB is to be a Light unto the World.
Imagine if Gaza were in Syria - at least a million would be dead by now! That's why Egypt refuses to take BACK the Gaza they ruled until 1967!

The spiritual Wars of Today and the Laws of Moses:

Rebbe Nachman of Breslav told his student Rebbe Noson that 
the laws of Leprosy in this week's portion can be looked at as
 a metaphor for the Battle of the Righteous against the Stern Decrees in Life.
Why after the world defeats ISIS in Syria and Iraq does Assad pull out his Chemical War Machine to kill those he doesn't like?
Every day is a TEST – of our View of the world and our Reaction to Life!
Meanwhile the leprous leaders Asad and Putin have not been stopped - but only the Almighty sends the Priests to Heal the Disease (leprosy years ago and now - 
The same kinds of crazy rulers as always?
Maybe the US and England and France can do something because the weapons of mass murder never were destroyed-
as promised 10-15 years ago.
Maybe Israel and A FEW Arab states will form an alliance to end war mongering in the Middle East 
(Egypt and Israel - and sometimes Jordan - seem to have it together).
The law is "if it's not clear - the leprosy - 
the Priest orders a waiting period..."
May our Shabbos be a peaceful light to the world.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz