Portion Tzav - Passover and Parents and Presents

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Time to Prepare
This week's portion starts out saying "tell Aron and his sons"
And continues in a bit "I give them the Matzos of the Mincha (an offering in the Temple – of the desert and later in Israel
And it ends with Aron and his sons being Installed in the Tabernacle – and FOREVER
So what's the difference between Aron and his family – and the rest of the Jewish people
And why MATZOS ? Couldn't the Almighty just leave it at "Temple Bar-B-Ques go to the Priests?" They need MATZA?
Okay next week on Friday Night we celebrate the First Seder – Matza – means Freedom and Responsibility and Family and – Afikoman presents for the KIDS? (Parents are allowed to get themselves Afikoman presents too! And maybe SHOULD!)
In the 10 Commandments it says "Honor your Father and Mother –
And in the Shulchan Orach (Code of Jewish Law) it describes HOW.
But the Portion IS A TEACHING from the Almighty and Moses that
And eat in HOLINESS (not too many off-color jokes) – and THAT may be the connection for MATZAS here –
Since the Installation was JUST BEFORE PASSOVER
Which should be celebrated SEVEN days (however you can)
AND WITH THE FAMILY – at home or away
And may we all get ready for a GREAT AND HAPPY PASSOVER
Love and Shabbos from Israel