Portion Tazria - False Prophets False gods False Ideas and Kids

Portion Tazria - False Prophets False gods False Ideas and Kids
The portion begins with Childbirth Rules
And continues with Laws of Lepers
You know We have Mitzvas - and if we don't do them all ,
then  the Almighty gives us "make up mitzvas" - to keep us together on a Holy Path
So if you're not going to have kids now there is the
Efrat organization to help poor pregnant women to meet the costs!
And if you think there are too many peiple in Earth - 
so Do You think Russia has an answer - to bomb and kill and enslave??? Crazy!
Europeans have few children - but Muslims in Eurpe have been increasing their population percentages ...
Chinese slowed down birthrate, but, now recently loosened up to allow more kids.  
Where does that put the Israelite/Jew  today?
I was walking in my old neighborhood for work yesterday, 
And Bumped into an old friend who was waiting at a corner to help his little granddaughter cross the street.....
What a joy!
So the Torah says Atem ha me aht Mikol Ha a mim - we will always be a Small Nation
With a lot of Mitzvot.  -   to be Priests of Holiness to the world
Every Child is Holy to the Almighty!
So the portion continues with Laws of Lepers
Fighting Disease
And with healing the lepers!
Grandchildren are a miracle!
So is Healing!
And as to the mitzvas of childbirth of this Portion
Rabbi Carlebach says :
Yes you holy women hold the key!!!
For 9 months You and a Child are ONE
Wharever one breathes the other BREATHES
Whatever one eats the other EATS
The Mother Child bond is a
Metaphor for the G-d Humanity Bond!!!
While a few Arab and Israeli  Leaders met this past week with intent to expand Abraham's Accords, to bring hope to the Middle East
Others were expanding their murderous moves to Prevent Prosperity for the Masses of huManity (as well as FeMale Freedom from Opression ).
In The Jerusalem Talmud question I learned about this week was AND IS 
A prophetic statement as to WHERE WE MUST and CAN BE MOVING 
On the ancient issues of Levirate Marriage - if married brothers die
The Jerusalem Talmud version brings a story of 13 brothers 12 of whom have died
Not to go into details here, but the Former Sisters in Law band together and together support each other's families!!! That's  the Torah teaching.
Wishing us All a part In Raising Great Families and
Healing the World
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
תשובהתשובה לכולםהעברה