Portion Tzav in an Isolated Tent

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IN the Beginning of the portion we are still looking at sacrifices while in the middle we switch to consecration of Aron And his Family into the Priesthood - to do not just the bar-b-ques but also the  DOCTOR work - helping to HEAL PLAGUES (see later chapters).
Maybe the consecration of Aron into all those jobs is also a sacrifice!
And like I understood from Rav Sholom Brodt (zatza"l) - that the priests ALSO had to give a little pep-talk, encouragement,- to everyone who came to the Mishkan - the Tabernacle - and later to the Great Temple! 
Think about this - Maybe it is a job ordained in Heaven - But like all outside-ordered situations it may be hard for independent minded individuals! Thus - to do the job, to walk the walk, it comes often at a sacrifice, as difficult as for those who come to the Temple!
So - in the last part of the portion "inauguration of the Israelite Priesthood" - at the end of the ceremony-  we see Aron And his sons get "Put in Solitary"! That's in the last two sentences of the portion- we hear The Final Stage of inauguration/Consecration
 is that they must be Alone  - by the Tent of the Meeting - AND NOT GO OUT! For a Whole Week!
And this is a skill as well as a requirement! AND FOR ALL OF US TO REALIZE AND LEARN IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES!
May we all be strengthened to sit patiently in our tents, ready to serve THE PURPOSES OF THE almighty -
EVEN by sitting (MEDITATING ON THE TENTS OF THE MEETINGS - and communing with the Almighty. 
Shabbat Shalom...Health Joy