Portion Teruma- Building the Temple and G-d's Chariot - Before Purim

Portion Teruma- Building the Temple and G-d's Chariot - Before Purim
Does the Almighty have a Throne?
On Yom Kipur we call it Kisei HaKavod
The Seat of Honor.
Does   the Almighty    have  a Chariot?
Something used to carry on
The Fight for the Good of All?
Portion Naso - means to Raise Up, and the
Commentators wrote that it means 
G-d wants to
Here's a Story told by a Toldos Aharon Hassid- Explained by Rabbi Ginsburg עמו"ש - a Lubavitcher Hassid.
A Gerrer Hassid told him that
 "The Imrei Emes (A Gerrer Hassid) 
said to me-when I asked him-
"Buy that car - but every  day you must
Use it to perform a Mitzva.
And now it's 12 years later,
and this car is sold as of tomorrow,
And every day I did at least one mitzva with
It and it never broke down!"
Quoted from Rabbi Ginsburg  .. with my slight variation.
And so we are all the Chariots of the Almighty! And also our VEHICLES.
we TRY to treat all with KAVOD HONOR
Blessings for
A New Month and a New Beginning to All!
SO  when 2 terrorists were asked to surrender on murder charges Wednesday,
Nearly 100 started shooting at Israeli troops. Is it a wonder that 11 terrorists were killed?
There never was a Palestine. And why?
Because the Hamas who rule Gaza
Steal construction materials meant for homes, and buildrockets to shoot at Jews.
While we all try to do Mitzvas
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz