Portion Teruma - Who planned G-d's House - and My House

Portion Teruma - Who planned G-d's House - and My House
And Why did it rain on Rav (Rabbi) Levinger tonight (Thursday night in Israel)?
Was it - So he could tell me how this portion fits in with the progression of stories Exodus from Egypt?
He said - when the Almighty ordered a "New House" - The Sanctuary in the desert -
he wanted to teach the former israelite slaves to also get ready for PERMANENT HOMES in Israel
So the Portion begins with the Almighty saying take donations to "build me a sanctuary"
and then provides detailed specs!
Some of the complex details are explained by Rashi (12th century) - based on discussions in the Talmud .
Basically - everyone contributed and did work on building, weaving the curtains, and creating the implements for use for the next 40+390+40 years!
Today is also the Yahrzeit of Moshe - Moses - our teacher who built the house of G-d -
and who led us 40 in the desert!
Maybe light an extra Yahrzrit candle for him?
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz 
PS - in the news today: a "new" find - a Roman army base fro 1800 years ago!
Tel Megiddo, which has been inhabited continuously for over 5,000 years,
 is mentioned several times in the Bible. Christian texts often refer to the site as “Armageddon.” 
Today it is an Israeli national park designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.
The director of the Antiquities Authority said, “The proximity of the Roman legionary base to the National Park of Megiddo, recognized as a World Heritage Site, and also to one of the earliest Christian prayer halls known in the world,
 discovered by the Israel Antiquities Authority 
Under a Kibbutz wheat field! and within the Megiddo Prison compound, provide potential to enhance the tourist experience at this central location at the gateway into the Galilee.”