Portion Key Tavo

Portion Key Tavo
Overview of the Portion - from Lakewood -NJ:
It teaches us - Hey - the Land is 
Going to be Good - so Enter Israel!!
 give thanks when your fruits blossom!!!
That our forebears bought the land and worked it, and
Made peace treaties with whomever in the world would try for peace!
And later the Almighty reminds us to remind ourselves-
Putting up Stone Signs - when  we Cross that River Jordan!
Remember how the Almighty helped us cross the desert to
Get to that land!
BUT forgetting brings its own Curses 
if OIY!!!
if you won't believe how you got to where you are.
Just look what the Almighty did to Egypt!!
There is still the Stones of the Jordan
as a
Warning to the hashemites of Jordan - and beyond Jordan
The blessings and the curses are for the World to remember.
That as Rosh Hashono approaches
And we start a new year soon
Israel is the Gift of the Almighty
And the little spirit of Israel in each of us-
A little Holiness-
Is a gift to all the World
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz