Portion Metzora -Putin, Zelinsky, and Alexander the Great

 Portion Metzora -Putin, Zelinsky, and Alexander the Great
Look at the Fourth Aliya for this Shabbat - and learn what Rabbi Carlebach called "an inside" Torah (hidden).
There it says "When you come into the Land of Canaan (Israel)
... I (the Almighty speaking" will put leprosy on some of your inherited houses..."
What for?
RASHI (from 1000 years ago) writes that it helped the Israelites find HIDDEN TREASURES of GOLD"
which the Amorites hid in the walls!
 Alexander the Great conquerred the known world - but died young in India - his last conquest.
So what's that got to do with This Week's Portion about healing the leperosy -
or about Putin the Puerile (childish?)
And Why are so many Jewish kids named Alexander?
Alexander did not attack in Israel like elsewhere -
 but had a prophetic relationship with Shimon the Tzaddik - the high priest of Israel!
So atThat Time - a hundred years before the Chanukah story - to honor the PEACE,
children were named after Alexander the Great!
Why do conquerors have to do their damage?
Would Alexander maybe have lived if he had studied in Jerusalem with Shimon -
òr stayed there where he was obviously welcomed?
He recognized the High Priest -
The Tzadik
So why did he have to go conquer India and die there?
(The follow-through is in the Chanuka story)
We are here to teach the world - that just as in those leperous houses -
even for our people entering Israel after hundreds of years of slavery - 
and there is no reason for "conquerors" to do evil.
But somehow, enough of the Torah message did not rub off on that conqueror -
or maybe any of them - including the latest Putin and similar trouble makers.
But we read the Portion and the RASHI and tell the story -
until it sinks in - whenever the Almighty chooses the time!
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz