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Last week I re-discovered Rabbi Zolti.   He was the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and gave a weekly  class when I studied in yeshiva.
Actually I discovered his son where I sometimes pray ( and say Kaddish  ) - at his synagogue/yeshiva in Jerusalem. His son is a genius like the father. He is always interesting, too.
It is customary to read the Hagada this Shabbat to prepare for next week-Passover-as Rabbi Zolti was teaching (mostly by explaining ideas from Maimonides ).
If you don't look at the Hagada before the Seder you miss the context of the world at the time of when Israel  miraculously left Egypt - and left the world in chaos!
If Israel had not been redeemed from slavery and accepted the Torah, the world would probably still be a world of degradation slavery destruction and worse.
What's that to our portion in the Torah this week?
Purity purification and re dedication!
When coming out of a degrading disease the person is to bring offerings in the Temple - to re-dedicate themselves
 and the priest is to mix some oil and some blood and put a touch:
On their
Ear (  so we will ALL listen in holiness  ) and
Thumb (    to remind us to DO holy things ) and the 
big Toe. (To remind us to go to holy gatherings    )
So get ready for Passover and read the Hagada THIS Shabbat.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz