Portion VaYakHail :OUR Temple from the Desert to FIX a Bully-style World ? FRIDAY AM

Portion VaYakHail :OUR Temple from the Desert to FIX a Bully-style World ? FRIDAY AM

Ukraine? Russia? EU? Biden? Come on guys - what's really going on?

In the Holy Spheres - who knows?
But Rav Yaskil - based on Rebbe Nachman -brings a Parable

All his soldiers rebelled against the King - except ONE.
When that ONE saved the kingdom-
The RULER appointed them all Dukes.

Rebbe Nachman says,
MOSHE stands between Destruction - and G-d's WILL

Heavy Kabbalistic stuff - but to take a STAB at it -
I think:
If the Mishkan - the Tabernacle in the desert
Is supposed to be a microcosm of the world

How do we -
After destructions of ALL our temples -
Work to fix our world?

Things are moving very fast in Ukraine - and
as an Israeli teacher friend of mine
(Sefaradi - not related to holocaust sufferers)
noted a couple of days ago - about the holocaust -
The Ukrainians murdered over 100000 Jews before the Nazis took over -

So he feels this war is not our concern.

Except on a MACRO HISTORIC level -
as another friend of mine noted -

Putin is a gangster acting like ALL the other historical gangsters -
who cause useless death and destruction. (Stalin was no nice-guy).


which served us 40 years - and then was moved to SHILOH
and served us another 369 years

Are we supposed to ask: IS studying it a help to
keep Russia out of "our little desert" - and the whole world?

Or are we supposed to invite Putin and Zelensky to

the Western Wall for a Peace Conference?

PORTION VAYAKhEL Starts Out with - yes - SHABBOS!

The Zohar (Kabala) in talking about King David
Amon and Moav - desert kingdoms near Israel -
which fought the early ISRAELITES

contributed to the Eternal Royalty
Of the House of David!

OIY! But it happened over generations -
and we probably don't have that much time.

So the whole world OBVIOUSLY needs - you got it -

Shabbos !

Maybe the Chief Rabbi of Russia (or Poland?)
can invite Putin for a Shabbos Dinner -

(I do not think that historically "Peace Movements"
HAVE ANY RELATIONSHIP to lasting peace-

but I DO think that SHABBOS in every way

can have a lasting impact on PEACE.

So here's another little item:

One of my friends actually came to Jerusalem,
brought some good stuff to the Great Synagogue Kolel,
and I got some things as well, and

During a break between classes all the participants at my Kolel
made blessings -
over the fruits and nuts and burekas and halva we brought,
and after some words in memory - a few of us drank a short "L Chaim",
in memory and for uplifting of the soul of
Aharon Layble
Harrow Of Barrow ("street" -how I like to remember him) )

And May The Peace of Shabbat
and Peace of GOOD MEMORIES
soon FIX the WORLD!

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz