Portion Key TeeSah - the Calf and Us - Rabbi Nachman on Eating Crow

Portion Key TeeSah - the Calf and Us - Rabbi Nachman on Eating Crow

As I wrote to a friend, this was the first WHOLE Torah portion I read at age 15 because my bar Mitzvah was on a Thursday so no guests would have to travel on Shabbat -and that means only 3 Aliyas

Each of the first 2 Aliyahs in the portion is long enough and complex enough to rival some whole portions in the Torah!

And included is the story of making the Golden Calf ...

Now jumping over to one of my weekly study sessions:
In a story by Rebbe Nachman, a crippled businessman is left by robbers to die in the forest after his helper runs from the robbers.
Having no other survival plan, he lives a few days by rolling on the ground and eating grass (eating "crow").
Seeing some good looking plant, he rolls over to eat it for lunch, and when he pulls it up, he finds a diamond tangled in its roots!

You might ask, what's a HUNGRY cripple to do with a diamond in the middle of a forest where Robbers Run Loose?

Leaving that open ... and Moving right Along, we learn from
Zohar (kabalah) which brings this teaching at the end of this portion:

Moses - the most humble human- goes up Mount Sinai to receive the 10 Commandments.

(You might ask who is more humble than a cripple surviving on grass in a forest?)

So any way, Moshe Rabaynu, Moses,
Encounters - and is stopped by - angels who dont trust Humanity with the Holy Torah!

The Almighty himself gives Moshe strength to get past them, to the "place of 40 days and 40 nights" of learning the Whole Torah.

And then the Golden Calf infects the camp below, causing a little riot - and G-d is displeased -

As opposed to: (and this is still the Zohar)
While at the red Sea EVERYONE saw the hand of G d!

But then,
After the Calf incident, and
After the Almighty sends Moshe back down with the words:
"Your People Destroyed (G-d's plans which WERE a GOOD thing)"

The people were all too ashamed to even look Moses in the face-
Even with getting the second set of 2 Tablets of Torah commandmentsè ...

But Moshe knew it was still his job to teach them for the next almost 40 years

Dealing with Angels as well as with sinners - humble Moshe just did his jòb!

And the humble Moshe built a "Jewel of a Temple" in the desert ... for us to read about -
With the allegory in Rabbi Nachman's story adding a dimension -
about humility,
and how the Almighty takes care of things for ALL.
And in next week's portion - my brothrs bar mitzva portion (- so Be Well Joe! Thanks Sheryl!) we learn more about the mishkan!

Questions about cripples and diamonds can be addressed to me in NY please G-d in a couple of weeks

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Andy Eichenholz
Preparing and Packing for Purim