Portion ShehMote - Who did Moses Smote? (uhhh - smite?)

Portion ShehMote - Who did Moses Smote? (uhhh - smite?)
What ties us together? Us and Moshe?
And what ties us to the Temple he Built -
and the ones he Didn't? (In Shiloh, and in Jerusalem?)
In Shiloh you can see where the giant tabernacle stood for 369 years) -
(Right Art and Don?)
The impression dug up by archaeologists is the exact measurement as in the Torah!
And the Temple mount - over 3000 years holy to our people - even called "holy" in Arabic-
because almost every holy place for Jews has had the name of the place preserved by even the Arab conquerors (who came around the year 650 and defeated the earlier conquerors).
How can the world see obvious facts and make up lies about Israel Israelites and Judaism?
So - in this week's "Rabbi Ashkenazi class" on the Tanya Chapter 4,
he  stated the historical facts of why Moses wasn chosen to lead our people - ( NOT RELATED to why Abraham was Chosen before Moshe)
As appear in our portion:
It was the act of saving the Jewish slave from being beaten by the Egyptian
And trying to break up a fight between 2 Israelites.
Even if we are not all leaders we need to learn the lessons-
and then teach basic morality to the world.
Is that why there is so much anti-Semitism - because the world has a dearth of morality - or doesn't teach morality? (Or is it simple jealousy - like the stories of Joseph, or greed like the stories of Laban? Oh - those were from portions in the previous weeks...) to remember ... )
Why is there so much abuse in the world? Moses could not walk around and see beatings and fights whenever he left his "ivory tower" - the palace
And yet there are so many abusive societies and so many drug cartels, etc..
Do we have too many politicians? Not enough moral leaders?
Do we have to go back 3000 years to search for SIMPLE moral truths?
I guess the Almighty wants us ALL to read the Torah every week to remind us to remind the world about basic morality.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz