Portion VaYishLach - and a little struggle never hurts...

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Jacob struggled with the angel in this portion.
My Favorite Elad Rabbi (Rabbi Yaskil) spoke about this yesterday (I got a Wattsapp recording) and said:
the struggle of Jacob is also  for EACH of us (not only father Jacob) : to STRUGGLE WITH EVIL-
not always accomplishing the defeat of evil  (Jacob got away in the portion but a little wounded)
but the portion teaches that Hashem wants us to Never Give Up the Struggle against evil.
So I was in Miami this week - and found my way to the Chabad of South Beach to pray- 
(where I was once caught in a hurricane).
Praying peacefully seems not to be my forte -
and this time I was sitting between three Israeli guys who were having problems - 
and I got pulled into their stories -
and naturally I had to help them out with a few things I am pretty good at.
So let's all remember the teaching of the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto
that "the greatest mitzvah is to do a favor for another Yid"
and that Rabbi Yaskil repeats the teaching of Rebbe Nachman - 
that it is OKAY to struggle - and realize that we don't have to always win for the Almighty to be proud of us!
The Thanksgiving weekend ALSO teaches us - not to give up the struggle
Like the history of our people shows us that we CAN OVERCOME all the struggles
let's get ready for shabbat
and may we be blessed with peace and joy this shabbat
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz