Portion Tetzaveh and Who does G-d Really Protect

Portion Tetzaveh and Who does   G-d Really Protect
In class this morning after Talmud study the Rabbi discussed  whether G-d's Divine individual protections over people extends to the idea of holy protection also of diversity of life forms.
He based it on the RamBan (12th century   ) at the end of this portion and the Minchat Chinuch
(   probably 16th Century) view of that RamBan.
He said the question has been reigniting debate because of a Jewish Pop hit by Avraham Fried!
Divine Hashgacha means our two-way connection to G-d. How does the Almighty look out for individuals and living creatures and for preserving Nature!
Our portion describes the " Kohain as Doctor and Doctor  of Spirit " role.  But where is the spirituality of G-dliness here?
I believe we need to appreciate how the portion starts with childbirth - and our Connection to the holy Temple because of the miracle of birth.
Then it goes to infection-leprosy and the Priestly role in declaring a person healed.
What is more important to us than health?
Then it deals with ( the part where the RamBan chimes in ) with non human infection needing  to be healed  .
Childbirth and health should remind us all how important prayer can be to healing as well as our connection to the Almighty.
Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Andy Eichenholz